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MATRIX 4 is a Go! With Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss Set to Return!!!

Well here’s the coolest piece of news you’ll hear all day. Variety has dropped an exclusive bomb and is reporting that a fourth Matrix film is officially a go and […]


(Update: New Images Released!) ROGUE WARFARE: Elite Warriors Engage to Save Freedom in the Explosive Trailer for Director Mike Gunther’s New Military Thriller!

Update: Just as I posted the article earlier today, I just received some awesome new images from the film courtesy of Katrina Wan PR. Check em out below in the […]


TITANS: SEASON 2- Deathstroke is Front and Center on the New Poster for the Upcoming DC UNIVERSE Series!

With the release just a few weeks away, DC Universe has officially unveiled a brand new poster for Titans: Season 2 which features the old cast, new additions and Deathstroke! […]


The New RAMBO LAST BLOOD TRAILER is Here! He Didn’t Start It but He’s Gonna End It!

He’s Back On September 20th! Watch the New Teaser Now!


Tom Sizemore is On the Hunt in an Exclusive Clip from THE ASSAULT- Now Available On DVD and Digital!

Hey everyone! We have another exclusive clip to share with you today and it comes from the newly released action-thriller The Assault which stars genre favorite Tom Sizemore as a […]


SHIRTLESS IN HOLLYWOOD: Action Icon Matthias Hues Shares His Stories in a New Book!

If your a fan of 80’s and 90’s action cinema, then your a fan of veteran go to villain of that era Matthias Hues. The martial artist, actor and bodybuilder […]


UNDERWATER: Kristen Stewart Battles the Unknown In The New Trailer for 20th Century Fox’s Monster Flick

Hey there Action-Flix fanatics! Are you a fan of 80’s underwater monster flicks like Leviathan and my personal favorite Deepstar Six! Well then we have the film for you Starring […]


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