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Exclusive Interview: IP MAN 4's Martial Warrior Chris Collins Gives Us the Lowdown on the Newest Entry in Donnie Yen's Historic Franchise and Working with the Best of the Best!

By: John M Jerva When it comes to martial arts prowess on the screen, Chris Collins is the reel deal and then some. The former Marine turned Martial Arts school […]


Review: 6 UNDERGROUND Is “BAYHEM” at its Finest!

By: John M Jerva REVIEW: 6 UNDERGROUND STARRING: Ryan Reynolds, Melanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Adria Arjona, Corey Hawkins, Ben Hardy, and Dave Franco. DIRECTED BY: Michael “BAYHEM” Bay! Official Synopsis: […]


Scott Adkins Playfully Challenges Donnie Yen at the Hong Kong Premiere of IP MAN 4: THE FINLAE!

By: John M Jerva We are leass than a a few weeks away from the premiere of the Kung Fu masterpiece Ip Man 4: The Finale here in the U.S. […]


(Update: New Image Drops!) 400 BULLETS: Jean-Paul Ly Shares a Bloodied and Battered New Photo from Director Tom Paton’s New Action-Thriller!

By: John M Jerva Update: As week 3 is commencing on the set of 400 Bullets with Jean-Paul Ly, we have yet another awesome new image shared by the star […]


FOOT FIST FRIDAYS: Tony Jaa Carves a Path of Destruction in the Epic One Shot Fight Scene from THE PROTECTOR!

By: John M Jerva Welcome to FOOT FIST FRIDAYS! A weekly dose of fight action where the experts share their thoughts on some of the greatest scenes of fisticuffs […]


BRIDGE OF THE DOOMED: Zombies aren’t the Worse Thing in the Teaser Trailer for the All-Out Action-Horror Flick! IndieGoGo Campaign Now Live!

By: John M Jerva Last week I shared the new trailer for Director Brandon Slagle’s sci-fi action alien invasion film Attack Of The Unknown which is being brought to us […]


AMERICAN NINJA: Iconic Director Sam Firstenberg and Action Star Michael Dudikoff Relive the Epic Cannon Action Film in a Priceless BTS Video Interview!

By: John M Jerva In 1985, the action film boom was full on with legendary names like Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Norris delivering high-octane action films in the movie theaters which […]


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