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Vixen (2018) Movie Review (Rest in Peace Max Repossi)

By: Danny Templegod Greetings valued Dan’s Movie Report, Action-Flix, and The Action Elite readers. It is with a heavy heart I mention the passing of Max Repossi. To honor his […]


Scott Adkins & Snoop Dogg Join Jamie Foxx for the Netflix Vampire Thriller DAY SHIFT!

By: John M Jerva We have some exciting casting news for all you Scott Adkins fans out there as THR is reporting that the action star is uniting with Jamie […]


RIDERS OF JUSTICE: Mads Mikkelsen is On a Mission for the Truth in the Official Trailer for the Upcoming Action-Drama

By: John M Jerva Today it was announced that Mads Mikkelsen has officially joined the next installment of the Indiana Jones franchise and with that we now have a new […]


WARRIOR: HBOMAX Picks Up Season 3 of the Bruce Lee Inspired Martial Arts Series!

By: John M Jerva Here’s some good news for fans of Cinemax’s former martial arts series Warrior. It appears that HBOMAX, which is currently streaming the first two seasons, has […]


It’s Brother Vs Brother and the Return of Family in the 2nd Jaw Dropping Trailer for F9!

By: John M Jerva Universal Pictures has issued a new and equally jaw dropping 2nd trailer for the long delayed F9 or Fast and Furious 9 which sees Vin Diesel’s […]


In the Spirit of The Expendables and Assault on Precinct 13, comes the Carpenteresque Action Film ATOMIC EDEN! Now streaming on all major platforms in the USA!

By: John M Jerva Are you a fan of outrageous 80’s throwback style B movie goodness? Better yet, do you love to watch 70’s and 80’s action legend Fred Williamson […]


Scream Factory Readies a Special Edition Blu-Ray Release for BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF with Dacascos!

By: John M Jerva If you’re like me, then you probably consider Director Christophe Gans’ atmospheric and action packed film Brotherhood of the Wolf to be a fine addition to […]


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