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THE ACTION FIX: Sylvester Stallone’s RAMBO is an Exercise in Brutal, Bloody Visuals and Dark Storytelling

By: John M Jerva On this day back in 2008, Sylvester Stallone resurrected his iconic character of John J. Rambo in the fourth film of the franchise and it was […]


BLACK SITE: Jason Clarke, Michelle Monaghan & Jai Courtney Enlist for the Upcoming Actioner from the Producers of JOHN WICK!

By: John M Jerva We’ve got some pretty cool casting news for you tonight as Deadline is bringing official confirmation that Jason Clarke, Michelle Monaghan & Jai Courtney are enlisting […]


The Action gets Brutal and Bloody in the New Trailer for EXILED: THE CHOSEN ONES!

By: John M Jerva While the latest round of delays plagues upcoming blockbusters as theaters struggle to open or remain open, we are thankfully still getting a healthy dose of […]


Legends Will Collide & One Will Fall in the Official Trailer For GODZILLA VS KONG!

By: John M Jerva At exactly 6:15 eastern standard time, my inner child screamed in sheer delight as after a long day at work I was finally able to watch […]


Josh Hartnett Joins Jason Statham and Director Guy Ritchie for the Upcoming Actioner Formally known as FIVE EYES!

By: John M Jerva With all the talk of more delays at your local theaters, we have some good news on an upcoming action pic formally titled Five Eyes that […]


More Cinematic Release Delays are on the Horizon as THE KING’s MAN, MORBIUS , NO TIME TO DIE and More get Pushed Back Yet Again

By: John M Jerva It really feels like we are stuck in a constant flux of deja vu as film companies have announced yet another round of cinematic delays for […]


FOOT FIST FIREPOWER FRIDAY! TRIPLE THREAT Combines the Best of Both Worlds with Bone Crunching Fisticuffs and Heavy Duty Weaponry!

By: John M Jerva Well it’s been a hell of a week and I’m happy to say that hopefully things are returning back to normal and since I missed last […]


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