NEVER BACK DOWN: REVOLT- Olivia Popica Takes the Lead in the Fourth Installment of the MMA Fight Franchise!

By: John M Jerva

The highly successful Never Back Down franchise is getting a female touch for its fourth upcoming entry as Deadline is reporting that Kellie Madison (The Gate, The Tank) will Helm the film with Olivia Popica, (Informer, Retribution) taking over the lead which started in 2008 with Sean Faris, Djimon Hounsou and Cam Gigandet in the original and Michael Jai White in the latter two sequels. Former MMA champ Michael Bisping will also star as one of the movie’s main villains.

Director Kellie Madison
Olivia Popica

Per Deadline: Never Back Down: Revolt centers on a woman (Olivia Popica, Informer, Retribution) who is kidnapped and forced to compete in elite underground fights and has to battle her way out to freedom. Michael Bisping (Den of Thieves) and Brooke Johnston (Hurricane Heist) star as the antagonists who run the fight trafficking ring. Diana Hoyos (2020 Best Actress winner in Colombia for Enfermeras), Neetu Chandra (The Good Maharaja, Shooter) and James Faulkner (Atomic Blonde, Paul Apostle of Christ) round out the supporting cast.

Audrey Arkins (Elyse) penned the script for the movie which hails from Mandalay Pictures, Wonder Street and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions. Production is set to start November 23 in and around London. Filming is said to commence in London on November 23rd.

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