COBRA KAI: Season 3 Needs a New Home as YouTube Releases the Hit Series

By: John M Jerva

Just like millions and millions of fans, I was immediately drawn back into the world of The Karate Kid as YouTube released its nostalgic series Cobra Kai which saw the return of Ralph Macchio’s Daniel Laruso and William Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence from the original series of films.

The series was a home run for the service with the focus being shifted on Johnny and his path to redemption as he had hit hard times. Laruso on the other hand was a successful car dealership owner. When Johnny looks to bring back his beloved Cobra Kai Dojo, their feud was once again reinstated for a new generation.

With both seasons of the series a massive critical and audience success, many wondered what was the deal with the third season. I personally thought that the pandemic halted its release Judy like everything else but that was not the case as YouTube and the Google who owns them outright released the series to Sony Pictures TV who is now looking to sell the show to another platform with Netflix and Hulu being interested of course.

Deadline brought the word last week of the series being moved and stated that YouTube was looking to move away from scripted series as Cobra Kai was really it’s only hit. The streaming platform wanted to air the completed third season but wasn’t going to go beyond that so Sony is looking elsewhere do the show can continue after season 3.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the third season as it is rumored that Elisabeth Shue’s character would return as it was teased last five around. Unfortunately, we will have to wait longer to see if that actually happens.

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