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Review: Rene Perez’s THE INSURRECTION Blends B Movie Action Thrills with an Important Message that Hits Hard

By: John M Jerva


STARRING: Michael Pare, Wilma Elles, Joseph Camilleri, Rebecca Tarabocchia and John Ozuna

DIRCTED BY: Rene Perez

Official Synopsis: A CEO (Wilma Elles) from the world’s largest telecommunications company is about to expose secrets of how the left wing media uses movies to control the masses at the behest of their deep state overseers in the political arena. As her secrets are revealed through a series of live broadcasts, her former associates send private military contractors to assassinate her. She hires a condemned ex-Commando (Michael Paré) to keep her alive long enough to get her crucial message out to the world.

THE REVIEW: If you’re a genre fan then it is quite possible that you’re a Rene Perez fan. Perez is an independent filmmaker who specializes in cranking out 80’s and 90’s style action and horror titles that would be best suited for the VHS era when these types of low budget flicks flooded the video store market. With titles like Death Kiss, The Dragon Unleashed, The Punished and most recently Cabal and Cry Havoc, Perez makes no excuses for the types of films that he makes and knows there is a niche audience for them. These are the types of films that have entertained many on a Saturday night and even with some of them having questionable subject matter, none of them have had any problems getting released from multiple distributors.

This leads us to the most important film Perez had ever made and it is named The Insurrection and on the outside it looks like a film that tells the tried old story of an ex-military specialist risking his life to save a woman who knows too much and with that lethal knowledge, many very powerful people want her dead. But delve deeper into the plot and you will see that this film is a warning shot to all of us about some very important and very unnerving truths that many don’t want you to know. It is because of these controversial subject matters that no distributor would want to touch this film and after viewing it I can see why. Make no mistake, this is a low budget B movie actioner but it is one that has some very weighty ideas behind it and Perez would very much like you to hear what he has to say.

As the film starts out, we are introduced to Sgt. Major played by veteran leading man Michael Pare who we all know from such great films as Streets Of Fire and The Philidelphia Experiment. He has just been released from jail so you know his post military life is in the crapper. Enter Dakota (Rebecca Tarabocchia) who tells him that he was released from jail to be offered a very important mission and that mission is to keep her employer alive long enough to expose some ugly truths about the left wing media and how they have been controlling us for decades through television and movies. This employer’s name is Joan Schafer (Wilma Elles) and she is a very powerful CEO of one of the world’s largest media companies.

Schaefer is much more than a whistleblower. She pretty much wants to blow the whistle up with an RPG rocket and tell the world that they have been led to believe certain ideaologies ever since they were children. According to her, the media and the powerful people who control it pretty much have been brainwashing us into acting, thinking and behaving the way they want us too. Ever since she suffered a personal tragedy, Schaefer can’t live with herself anymore and she wants to right all the wrongs she has done for many years by exposing the truths in a series of live interviews conducted from her safe house in the middle of a secluded wrecking yard. It’s a far cry from the lavish life she once held.

She needs the ex-special forces operator to keep her alive from the death squads that will be sent to eliminate her once she starts confessing. From the get go, we know that Sgt. Major is estranged from his son due to his career in the military and he was just about to spend the rest of his life in prison so he’s exactly the kind of dangerous man that she needs. He has nothing left to lose and that makes for a very deadly individual.

From there on, the film is one long sustained firefight as our specialist fights off wave after wave of hired professionals as Joan pours out her soul to a host of interviewers who basically don’t believe a word that she is saying. It must be true because if it wasn’t, an army of contract killers wouldn’t have shown up at her doorstep.

From the beginning, I knew that this film was controversial and in this day and age that is something that certainly sells so it is a mystery to this reviewer why no distributor would touch it. To put it bluntly, I’ve seen a lot worse movies that have been distributed so even with the objectional content matter here it still baffles me as to why no one would take it. The film deals with some pretty heavy stuff from abortion to a virus which Perez admits was just a coincidence as this film was made before the current pandemic hit. It even takes a shot at George Lucas and the current state of Star Wars which is blasphemy in the fanboy nation. Probably the biggest hit the film takes is the concept that the #metoo and #timesup movements were basically created to deter attention away from the powerful paedophiles that exist within the movie industry. That’s some strong stuff right there. There’s much more in the film I assure you but I will let you view it for yourself and make your own judgements from there. This is a special B actioner for sure as it is one that deilvers a very powerful message to go along with all the fisticuffs and firepower.

I compare this film to John Carpenter’s They Live where aliens were doing the exact same thing through subliminal messaging. They were lulling us into a deep state of sleep without us even knowing it. The scary part here is the fact that these aren’t aliens. They are actual human beings who are allegedly doing all this and that makes it even more frightening. I think I would prefer it to be aliens then my own race.

Now from an action standpoint, like I said before, the film is one long firefight mixed in with Shaefrer’s jaw dropping accusations as our lone anti-hero single-handedly takes on an army of killers. The action isn’t fancy by any stretch of the imagination but it isn’t meant to be as it serves a purpose. Pare runs a gauntlet of death and destruction and there are some very cringe worthy moments where the violence reaches horror movie levels and when they happen, they will surely take you by surprise. The highlight of the film comes in the finale when Pare takes on a highly trained sniper played by John Ozuna who has also been featured in some of Perez’s other offerings like Cabal and The Dragon Unleashed. It is here where two warriors go hand to hand with gruesome results as we see a savage side to Pare’s flawed protector.

When watching this film, I hope you will see past some of the picture’s imperfections and think about what you saw and make an educated decision about what Perez is conveying here. I’m not here to get political but I am here to say that I enjoyed this roughly cut gem as both action fare and thought provoking drama. It was great to see Pare in the lead once again playing the strong, flawed and silent anti-hero as I have grown up watching him do it so many times. This film will certainly make you think and open your eyes to what might be happening out there but above all it has a strong message that says be your own person and don’t let anybody influence you in any way, shape of form.

Take away what you want from the movie but I do know that it will make you pause and think once the credits stop rolling. This is Perez’s main goal with this film that besides entertaining you, he wants to make you see a bigger picture. Just like the film’s message, be you and be the best you that you can be. At the time of this writing, The Insurrection is now available on Vimeo as well as Amazon Prime so check it out and come to your own decision.



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