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Martial Arts Sensation Alain Moussi from KICKBOXER: RETALIATION!

After cutting his teeth as one of Hollywood's premiere stunt performers, Alain is taking over the world as a leading man with his breakout role in the KICKBOXER franchise!

Actor and Martial Artist Silvio Simac from

Silvio talks about his new film, fitness and working with such greats as Jason Statham and Scott Adkins in this exclusive interview with!

A Conversation with
Action Star Scott Adkins

Scott stops by to chat about his newest action film ACCIDENT MAN and more in this exclusive interview with!


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MILE 22: Meet Your Best and Final Option in the New Poster for the Mark Wahlberg Action Film!

211: Nicolas Cage is On Patrol in the New Trailer for the Upcoming Action-Thriller

VENOM: Tom Hardy Makes His Debut as Marvel's Anti-Hero in the New Trailer!

ATTRITION: Steven Seagal's New Film Delivers the Fisticuffs in the Official Trailer!

Selina Lo and Michelle Yeoh Join Grillo and Gibson in Director Joe Carnahan's BOSS LEVEL!

BLEACH: The Official Trailer for the Japanese ANIME Adaptation is All Kinds of Awesome!

New DVD Artwork Debuts for the Gary Daniels 
Sci-Fi Action-Thriller ASTRO!

SIX Season 2: New Promo Spots Welcome You to the Brotherhood for a Memeorial Day Premiere!

Scott Adkins Talks ACCIDENT MAN During the UK Premiere at the Fighting Spirit Film Festival!

The Plots for Stallone's ESCAPE PLAN 2: Hades and ESCAPE PLAN 3: DEVIL'S STATION Revealed!

David Leitch Ready to Helm UBISOFT'S THE DIVISION Starring Chastain and Gyllenhaal

DEADPOOL 2: The Final Trailer Lets It All Hang Out and Unleashes the Awesomeness!

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Alain Moussi

Scott Adkins

Silvio Simac

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