The Most Complete Fan Service for the World’s Most Complete Action Star…

Scott Adkins!

“God has given me a gift…only one…I am the most complete fighter in the world!”

Here you will find all the latest news, pics, announcements, trailers, reviews, interviews, podcasts and more focusing on the world’s most complete action star!


Welcome to ESSENTIAL ADKINS! The most complete page dedicated to one of the world’s most exciting action stars…SCOTT ADKINS!

This is your hub for everything Scott Adkins. Here you will find all the recent news, announcements, social media posts, reviews, podcasts and exclusive interviews featuring the action phenom. We are your destination for everything Scott Adkins!

Ever since his breakout performance in Director Isaac Florentine’s Special Forces in 2003, Scott Adkins has been one of the most dynamic and explosive action stars working in cinema. Adkins’ gravity defying fight sequences have given him the much deserved nicknames The Human Highlight Reel as well as The Human Special Effect as he has continued to dazzle audiences worldwide with high-octane performances.

The Western answer to Tony Jaa and Jackie Chan, Adkins has proven in the last few decades that he is one of the best in the business and is essentially a rare talent that can elevate any project he is in.

From films like the Undisputed franchise, Ninja 1 & 2, Savage Dog, Accident Man, Avengement, and Triple Threat to just name a few, Adkins has brought his own unique skill set to a genre that has been in desperate need of action stars.

Back in 2015 when I created, I also created a special fan page to one of my favorite action stars working in the genre today. It was called The Scott Adkins Corner at the time and now it is back and has officially morphed into Essential Adkins, a fan page where everyone can celebrate one of the action genre’s top tier performers….


Click the link below to immerse yourself in everything Scott Adkins!

From current news to exclusive interviews…we’ve got you covered!




Keep checking back in the future for more updates as I will continue to add more to the page. Exclusives are coming and Essential Adkins is now live!!!!

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