ESSENTIAL ADKINS: The Birth of the Most Complete Fan Service for the World’s Most Complete Action Star-Scott Adkins! (UPDATE: The Hub is Now Live!)

By: John M Jerva

UPDATE: The Essential Adkins Hub is officially online. Here you will find everything on one of the most exciting action stars in the business today. From current news to exclusive interviews, this is the place for everything Adkins!

Check it out below!!!

(Original Post) Back in the summer of 2015, I made the decision to start a web blog solely dedicated to the world of action cinema. It was a decision I didn’t make lightly and it is one that has since sent me on a path full of excitement and surprises that to this day has never gotten old.

Back then, I was working without a net and had no idea what I was doing but if you know me then you know that I’m one to storm into any situation with bravado and gusto even if I don’t have all the knowledge to continue. I picked a platform for my site (a decision I would soon regret) and I went about creating my shrine to the greatest movie genre known to man.

If you saw my original site, and chances are you didn’t, then you know that at one time at the very beginning of my journey I had a special section mapped out for what is arguably the best action performer working in the industry today. Of course I’m talking about the human highlight reel Scott Adkins. This was all when the site was brand new and has since been scrapped when I revamped the site.

I pretty much created the section so I could basically just talk about the action star and hype up his projects although I immediately figured out that there was much more out there to add on a day to day basis. Since 2003 when I first laid eyes on Adkins in the iconic B action movie delight Special Forces, I have been a huge fan of the man and I mean huge. It got to the point where every time a new film of his would release, I treated it as a national holiday and immediately set forth watching that particular release 10 times in the first week it was released.

So in 2015 with my new site up and running, I reserved a special section just for Adkins. On said section, which was simply called The Scott Adkins Corner (yeah I know it was a lame title but hey I was learning) I included pics, videos and info on all of his work and chatted up my favorite scenes and films in general. It looked decent for being a novice and I wish I had pictures of it.

That experiment is long gone (thank the good lord) and today I am a different person when it comes to blogging. I know I still have much to learn but six years later I never dreamed of where I would be with the site. I even have some people calling my site one of the biggest action platforms out there and while I appreciate that, I’m humble and am just happy that I have a place to chat action and help promote it. I do this because I love it…plain and simple.

With that, I give you the birth of Essential Adkins! Now what is it you might ask? Well it’s a trifecta of all things Adkins and it’s a platform where I and others can come together and celebrate the man who has given us so much excitement over the years with his movies and moves that simply defy gravity. From the Undisputed franchise to Avengement, Adkins has thrilled and dazzled fans worldwide with high-octane actioners that have no equal.

Essential Adkins will be a three tier event as it will essentially be a special section on the site as well as a video and audio podcast. From here on in, all news, trailers, reviews, future interviews, and special articles pertaining to Adkins will be found in one cohesive section of the site called, you guessed it, Essential Adkins. In this main section there will be subsections where each article will be broken down into specialized categories such as the aforementioned news, reviews etc. It will literally be a hub where you can find all things related to the action star.

I will also host both a video and audio podcast where I will talk all things Adkins including any current news on his projects as well as announcements, reviews of his movies and invite special guests to come on and chat up the man and his movies.

I’m a blogger but I’m a fanboy first and foremost and I’d be lying if I said that Adkins wasn’t my top action actor on my list so the time has come to honor the man who has given me and countless others an adrenaline rush with each and every flick that he is in. He’s his own highlight reel and special effect and even in his 40’s, there’s no signs of him slowing down at all.

With Action-Flix going into its sixth year of service this August, I am constantly evolving and keeping up with trends so I’m happy to announce this next evolution to go along with The Action Fix podcast and YouTube show.

Keep it locked and loaded right here in the coming weeks as I will be rolling out this ambitious project and I’m extremely excited to finally bring this back as it’s one of the first things I ever did on the site. Scott has a lot of exciting projects on the horizon and at Action-Flix, you’ll see it all in one place.

In the meantime, let me leave you with one of my favorite fight sequences of Adkins from the movie Avengement which is arguably Adkins’ finest performance in both the drama and action department!

Until next time! “God has given me a gift…only one…I am the most complete fighter in the world!”

2 thoughts on “ESSENTIAL ADKINS: The Birth of the Most Complete Fan Service for the World’s Most Complete Action Star-Scott Adkins! (UPDATE: The Hub is Now Live!)

    1. Yes I have! Much respect to him. This is actually something I did way back in 2015 when I first created my site. It’s all the news articles, trailer posts, special posts as well as special episodes of The Action Fix. It’s all of Adkins material in one section of the site.


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