By: John M Jerva

I usually tend to stay away from posting sad news but it’s with heavy heart that I report that 90’s DTV action staple Joe Lara has passed away at the age of 58. Lara died in a plane accident in which seven people lost their lives.

Lara from Cannon Films American Cyborg: Steel Warrior

Per Deadline: “Rutherford County Fire Rescue in Tennessee said in a statement that the crash victims were identified as Jennifer J. Martin, David L. Martin, Jessica Walters, Jonathan Walters and Brandon Hannah, all from Brentwood, Tennessee.

The Cessna Citation 501 crashed into Percy Priest Lake east of Nashville on Saturday morning shortly after departing Smyrna Airport for Palm Beach, Florida, the agency said. The National Transportation Safety Board was investigating.”

Lara’s wife Gwen, who was a diet guru, also was lost in the crash.

Lara was a favorite of mine during the 90’s DTV action craze and has starred in countless films and television shows such as Operation: Delta Force, American Cyborg: Steel Warrior, Steel Frontier and Tarzan: The Epic Adventures.

Our hearts go out to Lara’s family and friends and here is another example of a talented individual gone way to soon.

RIP Joe Lara…

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