Exclusive Clip: Michael Paré Stars in the New Action-Thriller LOCKDOWN- Hitting DVD & VOD May 10th!

By: John M Jerva

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has given us an exclusive clip to the new action-thriller Lockdown which stars veteran genre actor Michael Paré.

Genre favorite Michael Paré is back in action this May as his latest white knuckle action-thriller Lockdown is ready for a May launch on DVD and Digital. Femme Fatale Bai Ling is along for the ride in the film which has insane convicts taking over a police precinct along with seven hostages.

Things are not going to end well here so check out the new exclusive clip you’ll only see here along with the official trailer for the Massimiliano Cerchi helmed action pic that throws a dash of Assault on Precinct 13 at you below!

Michael Paré and Bai Ling star in the white-knuckle action thriller LOCKDOWN coming to On Demand, Digital and DVD May 10 from Lionsgate. Directed by Massimiliano Cerchi, Paré plays an FBI agent tasked with taking down three savage criminals who have taken an entire police station hostage.

In this white-knuckle action-thriller, hell on Earth erupts as three sadistic criminals take over a precinct and hold the police force hostage. Promising to kill one cop ever hour, the three gunmen – a rapist, a serial killer, and their psychotic leader – play sadistic games with the terrified cops and a high-strung prostitute (Bai Ling, The Crow). Meanwhile, an FBI agent (Michael Paré, Gone) is racing to rescue the officers, but as time runs out, the hostages may have to fight to save their own lives.

LOCKDOWN coming to On Demand, Digital and DVD May 10th from Lionsgate!

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