THE GETBACK: Theo Rossi is Gunning for Survival in TUBI’s Upcoming Bullet Infused Actioner!

Having shared the production announcement on the new action-thriller The Getback last year, I’m happy to fill everyone in with a release date for the bullet fest that sees Theo Rossi as a hard edged bounty hunter looking to stay one step ahead of the crooked cops and mercenaries that are out to get him and his latest assignment. Check out the new and ulta-cool retro 80’s looking key art from the movie which was helmed by Jared Cohn and penned by Action-Flix friend Chad Law along with Gary Charles!

Official Synopsis: A hard-living bounty hunter captures a wise-ass criminal, but then the two must work together to evade the crooked cops and trigger-happy mercenaries trying to kill them both.

Rossi stars with a stacked supporting cast that includes Shane Paul McGhie, Sufe Bradshaw and genre favorites Kim Coates and Dermot Mulroney.

Rossi usually plays the sinister type in his movies so it’s kick ass to see him in a bruising anti-hero role this time out. Director Jared Cohn has serious action cred having helmed one of my personal favorite violent flicks The Horde as well as most recently Deadlock which was one of Bruce Willis’ last films so expect some top tier indie action heavyweight action here. Rossi also starred as a devious sociopath in Cohn’s Vendetta which I enjoyed immensely. Did I forget to mention that Chad Law co-wrote it? Yeah his track record speaks for itself.

The Getback will be making its official premiere on TUBI as an exclusive on May 19th so Lock ‘N’ Load right here for the trailer drop and my exclusive review coming soon!!!


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