Exclusive Action Fix Podcast Panel Interview: Warp Speed Action– A Conversation with Genre Icon Michael Paré, Director Garo Setian and the Cast of SPACE WARS: QUEST FOR THE DEEPSTAR!

I had the pleasure of talking with director Garo Setian as well as Hollywood icon and all around bad ass Michael Paré along with fellow cast members Sarah French, Tyler Gallant, Rachele Brooke Smith and Anahit Setian for a special, exclusive panel interview for The Action Fix Podcast for the newly released Sci-Fi actioner Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar.

We delve into the new indie sci-fi action thriller that radiates 80’s and a Saturday matinee awesomeness. In this exclusive panel interview, we explore the film, talk about the characters, the action, the special effects and everything else that we can think of including tough women in action movies, performing their own stunts and what attracted them to doing the movie. Check out my full interview with a great bunch of people who made a great throwback style movie that genre fans will gravitate to.

It’s director Garo Setian, Genre Bad Ass Michael Paré and cast of Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar on this episode of The Action Fix Podcast!!!

A special thank you goes out to Garo, Michael, Sarah, Tyler, Rachele and Anahit for such an amazing interview!

Space Wars: Quest for the DEEPSTAR is now available on Digital and VOD and hits DVD May 9th from Uncork’d Entertainment!


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