Exclusive Interview: Hell is for Heroes- A Conversation with Norwegian Action Sensation Daniel Stisen of THE SIEGE!

This generation’s Arnold Schwarzenegger has arrived in the form of Norwegian bodybuilding champ turned action star Daniel Stisen. The formidable and imposing actor burst onto the action scene with last year’s hard hitting actioner Last Man Down and now he’s back to give fans more of what they want. His newest endeavor is called The Siege and it’s the perfect blend of hard R rated action and throwback movie to a time when heroes who were just as jacked as Stisen is ruled the cinema complexes from coast to coast as well as overseas.

The Siege hits Digital and VOD today courtesy of Saban Films and Stisen was gracious enough to stop by and talk about the new movie as well as his history and transitioning from bodybuilding to action film star.

Get an in-depth look at what it took to film this new action hit as Daniel Stisen is the guest on this Episode of The Action Fix Podcast!

A special agent (Daniel Stisen, Netflix’s Last Man Down) must defend his agency’s compound when it comes under attack from a special ops team in the action film THE SIEGE, now in theaters, On Demand and Digital from Saban Films.

Check Out Our Action-Flix Approved Review of the Movie Here!

An international assassin seeking a new identity at a top-secret compound battles a ruthless squad of mercenaries bent on taking out everyone who stands in their way. THE SIEGE is a brutally intense, adrenaline-fueled action thriller.


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