THE LAST KUMITE: The KickStarter Campaign is Now Live for the Old School, Kick Ass Martial Arts Epic!

Are you an action fan that misses the look, feel and attitude of the action films of the 80’s and 90’s? Better yet, how about those DTV martial arts epics that filmed video store shelves with endless hours of bone crunching action as fists, feet, elbows and knees did massive amounts of damage? Well, if you have films like Bloodsport, Kickboxer and No Retreat, No Surrender in your video arsenal, then here’s a new KickStarter campaign for you.

The movie in question is called The Last Kumite and it’s set to be helmed by Ross W. Clarkson. The cast is a literal who’s who of martial arts talent including VHS era warriors like Cynthia Rothrock, Billy Blanks, Matthias Hues, Abdel Qissi, Kurt McKinney, and Mohammed “Michel” Qissi. Also in the cast are newcomers Aurelia Agel (Black Widow, John Wick 4), Emilien De Falco (Undisputed 4) and Mathis Landwehr (Lasko).

I’m familiar with Landwehr’s work in films like Death Train and The Challenge and he is a gravity defying talent to say the least. De Falco is an extreme talent as well and he can best be seen taking on Scott Adkins in Boyka: Undisputed 4. This is a stacked cast so I’m all in!

Throw in the fact that Stan “The Man” Bush, who sang every awesome song from every awesome action film in the 80’s is on board to boot, and you have a cult classic fight film in the making. Paul Hertzog, who scored Bloodsport, will conduct the score for the movie as well.

Check out the teaser poster, synopsis and more below along with how you can help support this film!

Official Synopsis:

The Last Kumite will be an action packed old school fighting movie in the style of Bloodsport, Kickboxer and No Retreat, No Surrender.

The movie will be about Michael Rivers, who is a skilled martial artist and is forced to fight in an illegal fighting tournament in order to save his daughter. Along his journey he discovers other martial artists have been forced to fight to save their loved ones.

The Last Kumite will of course include all the elements that make a great tournament movie, with great music, elaborate training montages and a variety of fighting styles to create the ultimate action movie.

I’m a product of this genre and was raised on all these great ass kicking films so anytime there’s a chance to make a film that will resonate what makes this genre great, well I’ll support the Hell out of it.

Click on the link below and help keep action alive and we’ll with the campaign for The Last Kumite!!!

Check out the film’s Kickstarter link and help bring this movie to reality.


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