Exclusive Interview: The Night Slasher Returns! A Conversation with Genre Actor Brian Thompson!

It’s the second pinch me moment in as many days as today I had the distinct pleasure to chat with genre icon Brian Thompson who is best known for his roles in Terminator, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Lionheart with JCVD and of course as the infamous Night Slasher in Sylvester Stallone’s classic 1986 cop actioner Cobra. His role in that film remains to this day one of the scariest and most formidable opponents in action cinema and gave Sly a run for his money. Being in the industry for forty years now, Brian has well over 100 credits in his filmography arsenal and is still going strong today.

Brian is currently being seen in a new short action movie that has surfaced after forty years called Firefight which hails from filmmaker Sheldon Lettich. Made on a shoestring budget, this tale of soldiers in Vietnam trying to evacuate their wounded while fighting off a surge of Viet Gong soldiers is a lightning paced war thriller that showcases what you can do with passion, heart and a cast and crew that are determined to make the best film possible.

Brian took the time out of his busy schedule to talk to me about the short film as well as his career. he gives great anecdotes about Cobra and many other projects he has been in, and this is a must listen for any serious action cinema fan.

” I want your eyes pig!” It’s Brian Thompson on this episode of The Action Fix!!!

Firefight is now available for free on The Viking Samurai’s YouTube Channel!

Firefight comes from the mastermind of legendary action filmmaker Sheldon Lettich (LionheartDouble Impact) and stars Frank Dux (Bloodsport), Phillip and Simon Rhee (Best of the Best) and Brian Thompson (Terminator, Cobra, Lionheart) in a tale of soldiers fighting for survival.

In a way, it’s a prequel to Bloodsport in more ways than one. Within the film we bear witness to Frank Dux’s heroics while battling in Vietnam. Outside the film, while editing Firefight, Sheldon Lettich met Mark DiSalle and the two, along with Frank Dux, would collaborate in bringing the martial arts classic Bloodsport to life.

irefight has just been restored in 2K high definition, and will premier exclusively on The Viking Samurai’s YouTube Channel on March 2nd, 2023. Stay tuned at The Viking Samurai for updates!

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This is a must for all serious action cinema fanatics and to see these iconic action stars in a film made over 40 years ago is a real treat. Make sure to check out the film now and a big thank you to Brian for the amazing and insightful interview!!!!

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