ECHO 8: A Female Assassin is Unleashed as Past, Present & Future Collide in the New Trailer for the Blistering Indie Actioner!

Sometimes I post about a film and years go by until I hear about it again and I’m not going to lie, sometimes I forget about them. Well, my memory has just been given a swift kick in the ass as the new trailer for the indie actioner Echo 8 has blasted online with bullets, fists and fury. Watch as an elite female assassin (Truy Sat’s Maria Tran) is unleashed to do what she does best with the new footage below!

Official Synopsis

A highly trained assassin flashes between a nightmarish dream and her reality at a secret underground organization. When her latest mission involves killing a grieving mother, she discovers her target is closer to home than she realizes—much closer.

I had shared some teaser posters for this one a few years back so it’s great to see that it will finally see the light of day sometime next year. Interestingly enough, the movie was shot in only 14 days and was done one month before COVID hit.

The cast joining Tran include Gabrielle Chan, Michael Quan, Eliza Nguyen, Felino Delloso, Joe June, Damien Sato and prominent action genre staple and Facebook buddy Mike Leeder whose work on numerous high/octane films has resonated throughout the years with solid effect.

The movie was filmed in Sydney, Australia and is a production via Tran’s Phoenix Eye production banner. The Asian/Australian cast and crew were featured prominently of volunteers from the Western Sydney community and the movie was shot for a mere 10,000 AUD which translates to $7,500 U.S. so to see how the film looks is nothing short of spectacular.

The movie looks well polished and the cinematography looks great to go along with the furious action set pieces that we see in the teaser.

Tran, who is best known for the rapid fire indie action film Tracer aka Truy Sat, helmed the pic as well. Tran has a keen eye for shooting action right so definitely put this one on your 2023 must see list.

There is also an Indigogo Campaign running as we speak where you can contribute to help finish the movie.

For more info on Echo 8, visit the Official Facebook.

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