1986: Batman & The Punisher Deliver Maximum Vengeance and Justice in the New Killer Fan Film!

By: John M Jerva

Fanboys finally get their dream team up as the new fan film 1986 sees DC’s Caped Crusader share the screen with the ultimate gun toting vigilante. That’s right! Batman and The Punisher are taking out the trash in a punishing new short that may be thin on running time but is locked and loaded with fanboy service and action. Check out the full film in all its glory below!

Retro Poster for 1986

Starring in the film are Lee Charles (One Shot) as Batman, Mark Griffin (I Am Vengeance Retaliation) as The Punisher, Cornelius Geaney Jr. as the Clown Prince of Crime The Joker and Laurence R. Harvey as The Penguin. Helming the project was James Campbell who is best known for Ripper (2016), Please Don’t Die (2018), Tiger Man (2020) and upcoming western-horror feature The Moonshine Gang of Cheyenne (2021).

Personally, I love Griffin’s look as The Punisher as it screams throwback to the popular character’s debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #129. We’ve always seen a more modern take on the character in the films and TV so it’s refreshing to see some serious old school Punisher.

Lee Charles as Batman
Mark Griffin as The Punisher

Charles is simply killer as he looks like a more bad ass version of Michael Keaton’s iconic take on the comic book detective in Tim Burton’s original film. This is a love letter to fans and recently saw a successful crowd funding campaign so a a big thank you to all that made this one happen.

This is definitely an ambitious undertaking with all these fan favorite characters and I know that Batman and The Punisher are two loved properties that we have all wanted to see together. I’m a major fan of both so this is right in my wheelhouse. Their dynamic is interesting as both have very distinct and different takes on fighting crime.

Peek at the kick ass new full film premiere below as the vigilantes are unleashed!

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