STEEL SHADOWS: THE HANDLER’s Chris Levine Unleashes an All-New Sword Swinging, Old School Action Short

By: John M Jerva

Indie film star Chris Levine is certainly keeping busy with a multitude of projects. The actor who was last seen in the pedal to the metal action Flick The Handler as well as Shadows is dabbling into more action with a new short that features an extended sword fight sequence that respects action films of past.

Titled Steel Shadows, Levine not only stars in the short film but he really took this passion project by the reigns as he also wrote, directed, produced and edited the short which debuted this weekend.

Also starring Luka Bayani, the official synopsis reads:

An assassin is sent to kill his mentor in order to find his kidnapped daughter.

I got the opportunity to talk with Levine about the project and he issued the following statement:

“After The Handler, I really wanted to try my own hand at directing a fight scene but to make it different I decided to learn how to use a katana too.”

Clocking in at under 4 minutes in length, it’s all about the action as Levine and co-star Bayani engage in a lethal and satisfying dual with Katanas that is highly ambitious and choreographed with love and respect to the weapons used. I, for one, would like to see this concept film morph into a feature length flick and explore these characters more with multiple fight sequences on par with what is shown here.

The camera angles are wide and expansive showing off the participants moves and counter moves and Bayani, who is an expert with the sword, choreographed a realistic and well paced standoff. He’s also a perfect candidate for playing a villain in a theatrical flick as he has an imposing and intimidating killer look about him complete with wild eyes and a crazed persona with him licking his opponent’s blood off of his sword. That’s just a bad ass move and channels Clancy Brown’s The Kurgan.

Fans should also dig the old school, Japanese fight film vibe complete with subtitles and music befitting a movie from the golden era of martial arts infused movies. Watching this short, I immediately thought of Kill Bill or The Highlander as it has the polished look of those films on a limited budget and shooting schedule.

Levine is also rocking a John Wick-esque look to him here that works as the mysterious assassin who is on a rampage looking for his daughter. I applaud him for making this ambitious project to highlight what he has learned with the traditional weapon used by ancient assassins and warriors.

If you’re taking requests Mr. Levine, I would like to order another installment of this that runs a little longer and expands on the universe of this mysterious, Katana wielding anti-hero.

The action short film is now live and you can check it out in the player below so help support it and spread the word.

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