EXCLUSIVE- FARMER SUICIDE: Filmmaker Ranjeet S. Marwa Hits Hard with His New Action Short Ripped from Today’s Headlines!

Indie filmmaker Ranjeet S. Marwa is a busy man as of late with one film out and making waves and another one primed and ready to go. Exiled: The Chosen Ones is a brutal and fast paced action-thriller that is now streaming on Amazon Prime while his dystopian Sci-Fi thriller Rupture starring Mark Strange is ready to hit the Tribeca Film Festival.

If that wasn’t enough, Marwa has made a hard hitting action short film called Farmer Suicide which tells the horrifying true story of farmers in India who are committing suicide because they are unable to keep up with taxes. It’s a gut wrenching and lesser known story that Marwa wants to shed light on and he has with this short film that infuses a vengeance laced plot into the proceedings.

In this exclusive that you’ll only see here, we have the cover art, synopsis and trailer for you to view at for this ver important film. Check it out below!

FARMER SUICIDE – After witnessing the brutal beating of his father fifteen years ago, Arjun Singh, now in his mid 20’s must face those same aggressors who wanted his fathers Farmland.

Inspired by True Events in Punjab, India.

Farmer Suicide is the sad story that farmer’s face on a daily basis where they’re unable to keep up with the tax payers. In debt and in trouble with nowhere left to turn, farmers commit suicide leaving their families to face the brunt of the corruption of the law.

The reports say that 5,579 farmers or cultivators committed suicide in 2020. Over 17,000 farmers in different parts of the country committed suicide between 2018 and 2020.

Director Ranjeet S. Marwa flips this story into one of justice by turning it into an action movie filled with moments of sadness, emotion and heart.

Farmer Suicide is set to stream digitally later this year so keep it locked and loaded right here for more details to follow on this one as well as Rupture as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

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