THE ACTION FIX: Scott Adkins is a Non Stop War Machine in Director Isaac Florentine’s 2015 Epic CLOSE RANGE!

By: John M Jerva

Action star Scott Adkins returns to kick some major ass in the highly anticipated sequel Debt Collectors which is finally available on Digital and VOD this Friday but I wanted to celebrate the occasion by delving into another one of Adkins fine action films which is the stripped down and bone crunching 2015 thriller Close Range which just happens to be the last film that he has done with director IsaacFlorentine. Adkins and Florentine will be back in the action flick Seized which will hopefully be released later this year but until then, lets serve up some of Close Range’s ultimate action sequences on this edition of The Action Fix!

In Close Range, Adkins plays former special forces soldier Colton MacReady who is on the run for something that wasn’t nice but before he disappears into the sunset, Colton must first rescue his niece from a brutal drug cartel. Colton easily rescues her after laying out a dozen or so bad guys in a dazzling display of close quarters combat but unfortunately during the rescue operation, he and his niece take a valuable flashdrive with them that contains some very important info that the drug cartel wants back in a bad way and will most certainly kill to get it back.

This leads to a non-stop assault on Colton’s sister’s ranch where the MacReady family must battle a horde of cartel members in order to stay alive all the while dealing with a corrupt police force led by character actor Nick Chinlund that is on the cartel’s payroll.

In a fantastic display of fisticuffs and firepower, Adkins delivers some of his best action sequences as he is virtually the anti-hero version of the Energizer Bunny as he just keeps on going and going and going. Adkins relentlessly fends off wave after wave of cartel soldiers and while doing so, puts on one brutal display of hand to hand combat awesomeness that only he can. During one action drenched scene, Colton literally runs over a moving SVU which culminates in him scaling the side of a mountain and leaping off onto the vehicle while firing away with an AK-47. Yeah, it’s that fantastic people.

The action sequences are done old school just like in the heyday of VHS action where all the stunts and effects are practical and Florentine once again shows genre fans why he is one of the best in the business. The whole movie has a modern day western feel to it with Adkins taking center stage as the lone gunslinger who must use every ounce of lethal skills that he possesses in order to keep himself and his family alive.

Close Range is the perfect example that you don’t need a big budget to deliver the thrills and Adkins is pretty mush a special effect all to himself. Throw in the mix that the film was written by Chad Law and Shane Dax Taylor and you have one adrenaline pumping cult classic on your hands. The fight action was handeled by fight coordinator Jeremy Marinas and the man definitely earned his battle scars on this one. He even gets the honor of taking on Adkins in one of the film’s many jaw dropping beatdowns.

I actually did one of my first reviews ever for this film when I started my website the same year but sadly it was lost when I transfered over to my new hosting platform. I’m making up for that now as this is one of my favorite Scott Adkins vehicles. I love them all but I just love how they did so much with so little on this project. It just goes to show you that when you have men and women who are passionate about making action films and know what thye’re doing, you don’t need Disney money.

Close Range makes no excuses for what type of action film that it wants to be which is a full-throttle, in your face, stunt filled spectacle where Adkins is a war machine that cannot be stopped. But don’t take my word for it although my word goes along way I think or so I’ve been told. Check out the R rated and blood soaked action for yourself and watch Adkins do what Adkins does best in the epic house battle which is the finale of the film. It’s this week’s edition of The Action Fix! Enjoy the carnage!!!

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