THE EXPENDABLES GO TO HELL! Sly Stallone Brings Barney Ross and His Mercs Back in Graphic Novel Form! IndieGoGo Campaign is Live!

By: John M Jerva

I literally just found out about this IndieGoGo campaign this morning while scrolling through Facebook but it appears that The Expendables are indeed back although it’s in graphic novel form as Sylvester Stallone has created a brand new adventure and it looks like the crew is going to hell! Who knows when we will get a new film if ever do maybe this’ll have to do!

Stallone has written an all- new story with Chuck Dixon and Art Graham handling the artwork for the graphic novel which is described as “an amazing tale of Supernatural Combat.”

As far as it looks plot wise here is an official synopsis from the IndieGoGo page:

  • THE BRIDGE- Barney Ross is stunned to find the soul of his still-living friend Tool, trapped in Hell! Art by Jason Johnson (TEAM 7).
  • CHRISTMAS IN HELL- Lee Christmas is lured away from the team just when they need him most! Art by Kelsey Shannon (NORAH’S SAGA)
  • BARBARIAN’S HOLIDAY- Gunner Jensen makes the most of a bad situation! Art by Butch Guice (DOCTOR STRANGE

There is also so amazing artwork samples of what to expect from the novel which you can check out below!

We also get some pretty cool descriptions of the team:

THE EXPENDABLES are an international team of mercenaries based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

This Band Of Bad-Asses is led by founding member BARNEY ROSS, a highly-decorated veteran of the United States Military. While the membership varies wildly (once topping out at 22 members) the core group is comprised of:

  • LEE CHRISTMAS- Brit. KNIFE-FIGHTER. Second-in-command. UNLUCKY in love.
  • GUNNER JENSEN- Swede. GIANT. Genius. SELF-MEDICATES with alcohol & street pharmaceuticals.
  • YIN YANG- Chinese. RAGE-QUITS the team every year or so. Back for now (he’s BROKE).
  • TOLL ROAD- American. NEUROTIC. Small Unit Combat Operations are his version of GROUP THERAPY.

The team takes High-Risk/High-Reward missions and split the take EQUALLY. Contract work for the CIA keeps them out of JAIL for the International Laws they break as mercenaries.

Members come and go, but there’s always a need for ROUGH MEN to commit VIOLENCE so that civilized people can sleep in PEACE…and THE EXPENDABLES are just the men for the job!

KILLED in Combat…They Awaken in HELL!

As with any IndieGoGo campaign, which is now running for the next month, you get some pretty cool perks for contributing.

This graphic novel certainly looks interesting and giving it a supernatural twist is a very controversial and unusual way to go with the story but if done right, anything is possible. I got one am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

It’s really cool that this comes on the heels of the news that Jason Statham might be taking over the franchise in the next film installment.

Visit the official campaign site to contribute and view the perks by clicking the link below:

While we wait for more details on the graphic novel Check out some more of the amazing artwork below!

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