By: John M Jerva

The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan is back and better than ever with the trailer for his latest mind blowing action-thriller titled Tenet which stars John David Washington. Nolan looks to be on his game once again with the amazing first footage that you can bare witness to below!

Now, of course, plot details are a little dry on this one but we do know that it is an espionage thriller and there’s a lot of action going in reverse so expect to probably be asked to draw your own conclusions at the end of this one just like Nolan’s Inception. The action looks phenomenal however and the stunts top tier so interesting is an understatement.

Washington is joined in the cast by the new Batman himself Robert Pattinson as well as Elizabeth Debicki (Widows), Dimple Kapadia (Fugly), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Michael Caine (The Dark Knight Rises) and Kenneth Branagh (Dunkirk).

Tenet blasts into theaters on July 17th of next year so mark the date. In the meantime, check out the heart thumping teaser below!

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