ONE MORE SHOT: Scott Adkins Confirms Filming of the Continuous Take Action Sequel is Underway!

Action star Scott Adkins took to social media to confirm that not only is there going to be a follow up to One Shot, the film that was one continuous take loaded with top tier action sequences, but that he’s filming the movie as we speak along with another famous and hard hitting action star.

A bloodied and bruised Adkins armed with his assault rifle spoke to the fans on the set of the follow up which is called One More Shot. It also looks like the action phenom is in an airport so that could be the site of all the chaos this time around. Take a look at Adkins’ message to the fans below!!!

In the above post, Adkins mentioned how he’d have to be crazy to film a sequel to a film that was one take but he does it to appease the fans of action and the action gods.

Adkins has been teasing a project on social media starring along with fellow action star Michael Jai White so this is the film that both will be appearing in! It will be nothing short of cool to have both Adkins and now White eliminate their adversaries with extreme prejudice without any edits. Expect mass casualties and plenty of ammo, punches and kicks to up the adrenaline of the first movie.

After all, Adkins did lose his entire team in the first outing so I think Mr. White will be a more than competent replacement for this next mission. Plus no we will get double the fight action this time around so fingers crossed that it delivers as promised.

The first film was an action extravaganza done on a minimal budget and featured nail biting action set pieces with Adkins running the gauntlet of terrorists who have taken over a CIA black ops site. The movie was a mixture of bad ass firefights infused with hand to hand close quarters combat and was my too film of 2021.

James Nunn, who helmed the initial first movie, returns to orchestrate the chaos once again. Like the original, the sequel will be seen in one continuous take. The action set pieces will consist of being oners where there will be no room for error.

Adkins will next be seen on the big screen next month in the highly anticipated John Wick: Chapter 4 as Killa. Recent character posters debuted this week showing off a very unrecognizable Adkins in the role. It will be interesting and stellar to see Scott mix it up packing a few extra pounds.

No other info is available for One More Shot at this time but you can bet that I’m all over this one so lock ‘n’ load right here for more details to follow!

Take a look at Adkins kicking ass in the original One Shot and stay tuned…..


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