NO MERCY: The Trailer for the Real Life Indonesian Action-Thriller Explodes with Firepower & Fisticuffs!

For those yearning for a good heist flick will have their prayers answered as a new Indonesian actioner titled No Mercy is set to explode. Taken from real events about one of the largest heists ever, the Trailer oozes with high-octane thrills, macho mano e mano showdowns and exhilarating firefights. Check it out courtesy of Asian Film Fans!

Directed by Muhammad Yusuf, No Mercy tells the story of a group of former Russian spec ops soldiers who create chaos on the streets of Bali when they attempt one of the largest heists in history. Standing in their way is an elite unit of 5 law enforcement officers who are put together to stop the crew at all costs…dead or alive. Bullets, explosions and broken bones are in order before the credits roll on this one.

The film stars Mortal Enemies Verdy Bhawanta along with Franki Darmawan (Once aUpon a Time in Indonesia).

The film is due to hit Indonesian theaters on February 2nd so hopefully we’ll get an international launch as well.


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