THE SYSTEM: Tyrese Gibson Hits Hard in the New Action-Thriller from the Director of WELCOME TO SUDDEN DEATH

The plot has been done countless times before but dammit if I’m not a sucker for a movie where someone goes undercover into a prison and ends up competing in an illegal, underground fighting ring run by a corrupt warden. Yup, it’s a plot as tried and true as The Most Dangerous Game but if it bleeds and breaks then as action fans, we will watch.

Our latest entry in that prison subgenre comes to us from director Dallas Jackson who recently brought us Welcome to Sudden Death with Michael Jai White. This time, however, Fast and Furious franchise star Tyrese Gibson is front and center as an ex-soldier who is forced to go undercover in a prison and finds out that hand to hand takes on a whole new meaning when he must do battle with a vast array of lethal thugs by a corrupt warden. Titled The System, we have the new key art and first look trailer below!

Official Synopsis:

When a young soldier (Tyrese Gibson), newly returned from war, gets caught up in a drug bust, he is recruited by the authorities to go undercover in a notoriously dangerous prison to investigate what is really going on behind the scenes. When he discovers an underground prisoner fighting ring, the warden forces him to compete. In order to win his freedom, he must fight to stay alive as well as take down the warden’s corrupt system.

The System does boast a pretty impressive supporting cast which includes the always game Terrence Howard (Iron Man) along with Jeremy Piven (Entourage) and martial arts wizard Marrese Crump (Welcome to Sudden Death). Rapper Lil Yachty, which I must admit I’ve never heard of, also stars in the movie. No offense to Lil Yachty but rap isn’t really my thing.

Piven looks to be having super fun playing the devious warden and Howard looks to be channeling his inner Mr. Miyagi as he trains Gibson for the brutal battle ahead. The trailer is filled with a bone breaking fiesta so I’ll take a look at it for sure. Plus, any movie where Jeremy Piven yells, “let’s get it on” has to be worth at least one viewing for sure. Let’s not forget about the fact that it looks like martial arts ace Marrese Crump is set loose to do what he does best more than once dusting the running time so there’s a strong selling point for sure.

You’ll be able to check out the film when it hits Theaters October 28th followed by a Digital run on November 4th.

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