BLACKOUT: Josh Duhamel Turns On His Inner Action Star in the Trailer for the High-Octane Netflix Actioner!

Josh Duhamel has always been one of my favorite actors in film and TV. From his role on Las Vegas to his turn in the Transformers franchise, he always brings it in his performances and never phones it in. He’s also one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors as he’s done it all in all genres.

I am extremely happy to announce that Duhamel is finally channeling his inner action star in his latest film called Blackout. Starring as a man who wakes up in a hospital with no memory of who he is, there’s one thing he definitely remembers. He’s got mad skills when it comes to killing and he’ll have to get it all back quick as a ruthless cartel is after him for reasons unknown in a hospital that’s on lockdown.

Check out the trailer which features Duhamel doing it all from running and gunning to taking out the baddies with some lethal hand to hand skills!

Official Synopsis:

A man wakes in a hospital with no memory, and quickly finds himself on the run in a locked down hospital with the Cartel on his tail. He scrambles to find his true identity in the most vicious way.

Joining Duhamel for all the bullet riddled fun are Abbie Cornish, Omar Chaparro and the one and only Nick Nolte. Sam Macaroni helms the film from a script penned by Van B. Nguyen.

From the trailer, this is right in my wheelhouse and Duhamel looks absolutely bad ass as he does his best at trying to win a stuntman award in what looks like the movie’s numerous action set pieces.

The above key art and advertising certainly has a John Wick vibe to it which is fine as long as this one can do it’s own thing and not hang on the success of that franchise.

Blackout hits Netflix on October 12th so be sure to look out for my complete thoughts thereafter!

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