THE BRICKLAYER: Millennium Media Readies a March Shoot for the Aaron Eckhart Led Actioner from Director Renny Harlin

By: John M Jerva

Here’s some news that I missed coming out of the weekend and it involves filmmaker Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger) as he is prepping a new actioner from Millennium Media who are best known for The Expendables franchise these days. The pic is titled The Bricklayer which will star Aaron Eckhart (London has Fallen) and cameras are ready to roll for a spring shoot.

Per Deadline: In The Bricklayer, someone is blackmailing the CIA by assassinating foreign journalists and making it look like the agency is responsible. As the world begins to unite against the U.S., the CIA must lure its most brilliant – and rebellious – operative out of retirement, forcing him to confront his checkered past while unraveling an international conspiracy.

Interestingly enough, the movie has been kicking around for over a decade and at one time it was going to be an action vehicle for Gerard Butler who will still produce the film via his G-Base production banner.

The Bricklayer screenplay has the rare combination of well-layered characters, intricate plotting and propulsive action. Having spent five years in China, I’m excited to be back making a high-caliber Hollywood action thriller. If there’s something I learned from my three Chinese movies, it is the importance of deeply felt emotion. In Aaron Eckhart I have found a first-class dramatic actor, who also has the physicality and charm to bring this iconic character to life,” stated Harlin.

The Bricklayer is set to shoot this March in Millennium’s brand new Nu Boyana Greece studio and its Nu Boyana Bulgaria facility in Europe.

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Source: Deadline

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