EXCLUSIVE: Robert Bronzi Throws Down in a Clip from the New Action-Thriller THE GARDENER!

By: John M Jerva

Robert Bronzi is back on December 28th when Lionsgate Home Entertainment releases his new action-thriller The Gardener on DVD, Digital and VOD. The Charles Bronson doppelganger has his hands full this time around as he is set to take on martial arts/action star Gary Daniels in the home invasion thriller that sees Bronzi starring as a mild mannered gardener who has a particular lethal skill set and a violent past that he must revisit to save the lives of an innocent family.

Lionsgate has furnaced Action-Flix.com with an exclusive, action packed clip from the new movie which features Bronzi throwing down with a deadly assailant. Bronzi pulls no punches as he uses his hands, feet and gardening tools to take out the trash in this scene you will only see here at Action-Flix.com. Check out the full video directly below!

Be sure to look out for my exclusive review of The Gardener when it hits your screens on December 28th!

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: The quiet of the English countryside is shattered one brutal night in this intense home-invasion thriller. A troubled wealthy family gathers in a quaint manor home for the holidays, never suspecting that bloodthirsty, sadistic Volker (Daniels) and his crew linger at the gates, ready to attack, rob, and maim them at nightfall. But they didn’t count on the estate’s quiet gardener Juhasz (Bronzi), who must return to the savage ways he learned as a soldier to save the family.

The Gardener is helmed by Scott Jeffrey (Dragon Fury) and Rebecca J. Matthews (HellKat) from a script penned by Ben Demaree (Bring Him Back Dead which also stars Daniels) from a story by producer Jeff Miller (Death Kiss). Michael Hoad (The Old Guard) serves as the action director for the movie.

Mark L. Lester, who helmed such iconic 80’s and 90’s action fare like Commando and Showdown in Little Tokyo executive produced the movie so genre fans, like my myself, should be very ecstatic about that. This film is shaping up to be a real barn burner and I’m hoping for some serious Gary Daniels signature action in it. He does play the bad guy so I’m sure he draws the short straw when it comes to the climatic outcome but I’m sure he’ll dish out some brutality during the running time of the film.

The new tag line for the movie which reads “He fights a little dirty” is fine but I prefer the original one which was “Your ass is grass.” So much for political correctness.

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