Best Buy Readies a 4K SteelBook Release for Thomas Jane’s THE PUNISHER! (Update: The Special Features Revealed!)

By: John M Jerva

The Special Features have finally been revealed for the new Best Buy 4K collector’s edition of the 2004 The Punisher starring Thomas Jane & John Travolta. Check out the goods below!

Alongside the new SteelBook and 4K restoration, the SteelBook edition of The Punisher will also include a variety of special features, including:

  1. Audio Commentary with Director Jonathan Hensleigh
  2. Deleted Scenes (with Optional Director Commentary)
  3. Keepin’ It Real: The Punisher Stunts
  4. Army of One: The Punisher Origins
  5. War Journal: On the Set of The Punisher
  6. Music Video – “Step Up” Performed by Drowning Pool
  7. Drawing Blood: Bradstreet Style

(Original Post) For those of you that are fans of the Thomas Jane version of The Punisher, I come bearing good news as Best Buy is set to release a special 2 disc edition of the movie complete with a rad new steelbook presentation with new artwork which you can view below. The 2004 film that also starred John Travolta and hailed from director Jonathan Hensleigh was a hit or miss with fans of the gun toting vigilante but I was one of the ones that enjoyed it and still do to this day. Check out the new steel book cover art below!

There is no word on special features at this time but hopefully we will get more details as the set is due to hit Best Buy shelves on January 25th so unfortunately it won’t be available in time for gift giving season.

This entry in The Punisher films divided fans and you either have a love/hate relationship with the movie. The biggest complaint amongst fans was that Jane’s Frank castle wasn’t brutal enough. In my opinion, this was an origin story and I felt this castle was just warming up to become the merciless vigilante. I also feel that Ray Stevenson’s follow up, Punisher: War Zone, was kind of a indirect sequel of sorts with Stevenson playing the much nastier version of the comic book character. For my full thoughts on this film check out my Essential Action article I did for it here. I outline all my defenses and arguments as to why this is essential action viewing especially if you’re a Punisher fan.

You can pre-order the 4K Steelbook edition of 2004’s The Punisher at Best Buy now!

Technical Specifications:

Genre: Action and Adventure

Subgenre: Action Thriller,Superhero Film

Title: The Punisher

Countries Produced: United States

Duration: 124 minutes

Year of Release: 2004

Product Tags: SteelBook, Includes Digital Copy, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray/Blu-ray, Only @ Best Buy

Format: 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray

Program Type: Movie

Studio: Lionsgate

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