THE SERPENT: The CIA’s Most Deadly Weapon Becomes Their Worst Enemy in the Action-Thriller from Director/Writer & Star Gia Skova!

By: John M Jerva

The bad ass ladies just keep on coming and now we have another assassin centric actioner titled The Serpent from former model turned filmmaker and star Gia Skova. This femme fatale is locked and loaded and we have the new key art and trailer for you below!

Synopsis: Agent Lucinda Kavsky is highly trained and one of the CIA’s most lethal weapons. When she’s given a special assignment that takes a disastrous turn, she comes to find out she is being set up by her own agency. As she unravels their horrendous plot, she uncovers a web of lies and secrecy that expose a massive conspiracy.

Skova proves that explosive things definitely come on petite packages and the former model who has graced the covers of Vogue and InStyle is throwing her hat into the action genre pond. Skova not only stars as the ruthless and cunning CIA trained operative but she also wrote, produced and directed the film making her a legitimate threat in indie action cinema.

Skova stars in the movie along with Travis Aaron Wade, Craig Conway, Alexandra Tebano, Nigel Vonas and the first look trailer below definitely serves up heaping helpings of fisticuffs and firepower courtesy of Skova herself. Looks definitely can kill here and the body count is plentiful as a result.

The Serpent is locked and loaded for a June 18th release courtesy of Vertical Entertainment.

With that all said, I give you Miss Skova doing her one woman war machine thing in the new trailer below!

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