It’s a TRIPLE THREAT Reunion as Iko Uwais Joins Scott Adkins on THE ART OF ACTION!

By: John M Jerva

It’s a Triple Threat reunion this week as Indonesian and international action sensations Iko Uwais joins Scott Adkins on The Art of Action. Uwais has excelled to the top of the genre with such other films as The Raid films and Headshot and now he’s talking about his career with Adkins. Check out the full interview below!

n episode 28, Scott Adkins is joined by one of the top martial arts actors in the world Iko Uwais. Star of The Raid movies, Mile 22, Netflix Wu Assassins, Triple Threat and The Night Comes For Us.

0:00 Intro

1:32 Martial Arts Background

2:50 Being chosen as Lead Actor

6:14 Penchak Silat

9:32 What Makes a Star?

8:38 Merantau

10:19 Gareth Evans – 56 Takes

13:57 The Raid

18:41 Adapting Silat to Screen

22:05 The Importance of PreViz

24:26 Hollywood!

26:13 Injuries

28:50 The Raid 2

34:52 Beyond Skyline

36:00 The Night Comes for Us

38:00 Triple Threat

38:57 Tony Jaa

40:00 Tiger Chen

41:05 No Ego

43:12 Stuber

Uwais recently celebrated a birthday last week and there’s no slowing down for the action Phenom. The interview is a real in depth view of his career and stunts and is a must see for action fans.

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