KING OF VAMPIRES: Paul Sloan and His Team of Mercs Face the Ultimate Horror in the New Blood Soaked Short Film!

By: John M Jerva

What do you get when you put up a team of mercenaries led by action star Paul Sloan against the ultimate evil? Well I’m glad you asked because that’s what happens in the new proof of concept short film titled King Of Vampires!

The awesome new short which stars Sloan who also penned the script was recently dropped on the Joblo Horror Videos channel on YouTube and here’s hoping that it will eventually become a full fledged flick because it is 3 minutes and 51 seconds of kick you in the ass horror-action!

A team of Mercenaries is hired by a wealthy Heiress to find and extract the last Pure-Blood vampire, raised in the deepest, darkest jungle as a savage barbarian, to become Lord of the Undead.

Along with the short film debut, Sloan chatted about what gave him the idea for the story. It stems from the actor’s love of old novels and comics.

The idea from KING OF VAMPIRES came from my love of old paperback novels and comics like DOC SAVAGE and SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, TARZAN. Always been fascinated by jungle adventures. And I’m also a fan of vampires. So Dracula in the jungle, sounded like fun. We shot that little teaser in a pool of fake blood in a warehouse in Van Nuys. And we got the star of Gladiator and Conan TV series Ralf Moeller to play the vampire. He added the authentic barbarian vibe we wanted. He had no problem tossing my character around like a rag doll, he’s a big fella. And a great guy, he made it fun. Over the years had several close calls, directors and actors attached. I’m ready to go to Thailand if Netflix is!

So who has the honor of playing the dreaded vampire? Well it’s none other than actor and professional bodybuilder Ralf Moeller who you may remember from such classic action films as Universal Soldier and Best Of The Best 2.

The short has a definite 90’s throwback vibe which I love and the only issue I had with it is I wanted more when it ended.

Sloan has started in some pretty high-octane films in the past including Vigilante Diaries, The Night Crew and the recently released Nation’s Fire. He’s spot on for the role and his story is the perfect mash up of action and horror with thoughts of Zack Snyder’s upcoming thriller Army of the Dead coming to mind.

Hopefully this turns into something bigger and in the meantime, check out the blood and carnage below!


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