Scott Adkins Personally Ranks His Best Action Films Ever! Number 5: NINJA 2- SHADOW OF A TEAR!

By: John M Jerva

I really hope that all my readers out there are staying safe and looking out for each other and as a lot of us are in quarantine at the moment, I am trying to do my best to entertain everybody and keep it action packed.

Here’s something kick ass that action star Scott Adkins posted on his social media sites and YouTube channel. Adkins who is currently in Alabama shooting Castle Falls which also stars Dolph Lundgren who also is directing, is in lockdown at the moment as the cast and crew are staying safe during this pandemic that we are dealing with.

Adkins has taken it upon himself to countdown his top 5 all time favorite films that he has done and the first installment and number 5 on his personal list of favorites is one that is on a lot of our top lists for Adkins. It’s the fisticuffs fueled sequel Ninja 2: Shadow of a Tear!

In the eight minute plus video segment, the action star breaks down the film which was helmed by his longtime collaborator and Director Isaac Florentine. Adkins gives some great insight into the film and reveals to his fans why he considers this one to be one of his best.

One great insight is that Adkins reveals that he was filming this movie with a severe injury and unfortunately had to be stunt doubled for some of the shots with Brahim Chab stepping in to help out. Adkins makes it abundantly clear that he hates the fact that he had to be doubled a few times and always wants his fans to know that it is him that is doing all the action. If it was up to him, he would have done it or not at all but in this case, it had to be done.

Adkins also talks about working with Florentine and what makes him one of the best action and martial arts directors around. It’s no secret that Adkins and Florentine have been a constant one-two punch combo in action cinema history and hopefully they will collaborate more in the future. We do have Seized coming out hopefully sometime this year which reunited the two.

This is some truly great behind the scenes stuff that we can only get from the action phenom himself. Take a look below and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more great videos.

Stay tuned and keep it locked and loaded right here for the next entry and number 4 on the list!

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