By: John M Jerva

Most of the time, I post about action films but I rarely get the opportunity to do any books on the subject. I’m rectifying that right now as we have word that Mike Fury’s newest book Life Of Action Volume 2 is has hit the masses and with self isolation a big thing right now, why not curl up with a good book and read all about the men and women who make action cinema happen! Check out the official cover which features one of the baddest women on the planet in Zoë Bell along with the press release below!

About the book:
Following the success of the original Life of Action book released in 2015, author and action coordinator Mike Fury has interviewed a new line-up of top international film talent from in front of and behind the camera. Released in March 2020, the new book continues exploring the artistry and the physically demanding, dangerous work involved in creating some of the world’s best loved films and television shows.

Life of Action II takes readers behind-the-scenes once again for a compelling series of conversations, shedding light on the overlooked and misunderstood world of action genre cinema. In this new collection of original interviews, we meet and get under the skin of some of the hardest working actors, filmmakers and stunt professionals working today to find out what motivates and inspires them, and the lessons we can take.

Featuring talent such as Zoë Bell (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Death Proof), Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite, Spawn), Frank Grillo (Captain America: Civil War, Wheelman), Tony Jaa (Fast & Furious 7, Ong Bak), Simon West (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Con Air), Vic Armstrong (Total Recall, Raiders of the Lost Ark), Gareth Evans (Gangs of London, The Raid) and many more, this is a must-have for creatives and film fans alike.

Sharing unique stories and exclusive images from Bond, Indiana Jones, John Wick, The Raid, The Expendables and more, Life of Action II is an action-packed anthology unlike any other and raises the bar as any sequel should.
Mike Fury says: “Much like the first volume, this book is a real labour of love and I know there are hugely passionate film fans who admire these artists and their work just as much as me. Having worked in the film industry for many years now, in a variety of roles, I’ve witnessed and come to understand the incredible hard work, creativity and often great personal risk that goes into entertaining an audience. Many of these stories are funny, sad, moving and inspiring, and hopefully give an insight into this crazy and unusual business.”

The complete line-up of filmmaker, actor and stunt interviews includes:
Vic Armstrong (American Assassin, Indiana Jones trilogy, Superman I & II) Zoë Bell (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Death Proof, Kill Bill)
Clayton J. Barber (Black Panther, Creed, The Guest)
Daniel Bernhardt (Atomic Blonde, John Wick, Bloodsport 2)
JuJu Chan (Wu Assassins, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny) Gareth Evans (Gangs of London, The Raid, The Raid 2: Berandal)
Frank Grillo (Captain America: Civil War, Wheelman, The Purge: Anarchy) Kelly Hu (X-Men 2, The Scorpion King, Martial Law)
Tony Jaa (Fast & Furious 7, Triple Threat, Ong Bak)
Amy Johnston (Lady Bloodfight, Female Fight Club, Accident Man)
Luke LaFontaine (The Debt Collector, Savage Dog, Hook)
Chad Law (Close Range, Six Bullets, Daylight’s End)
Cung Le (Tekken, The Grandmaster, Into the Badlands)
Tim Man (Triple Threat, Accident Man, Acts of Vengeance)
Louis Mandylor (Rambo: Last Blood, The Debt Collector, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) Scott Mann (Final Score, Heist, The Tournament)
Steve McQuillan (Guns Akimbo, Hellboy, The Gunman)
Heidi Moneymaker (Mulan, Avengers: Endgame, John Wick: Chapter 2)
Alain Moussi (Kickboxer: Vengeance, Kickboxer: Retaliation)
John Salvitti (Flash Point, Kung Fu Killer, Blade II)
Cale Schultz (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Atomic Blonde, Logan)
Larnell Stovall (Titans, Altered Carbon, Ride Along)
Jerry Trimble (Heat, The Master, Breathing Fire)
Simon West (Stratton, The Expendables 2, Con Air)
Michael Jai White (Arrow, The Dark Knight, Spawn)
Marko Zaror (Alita: Battle Angel, Machete Kills, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series)

The book is published by Mike Fury’s imprint, Bench Press, and is produced in the UK. It is available to order from bookshops in the United Kingdom and is globally available online through book retailers.

Life of Action II is available now in Limited Edition hardback, softcover and kindle formats.

Order from the links below:
Author signed copies:
Amazon UK:

I don’t have to stress that this is essential reading for any serious action film buff and with the level of talent involved, fans will indeed get a comprehensive idea of what goes into making action films. Order your copy today! Stay safe, look out for one another and happy reading!!!

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