VIGILANTE: Scott Adkins Reunites with Director William Kaufman for the New High-Octane Action/Thriller

By: John M Jerva

I’ve actually known about this project for quite sometime as I’ve talked to both action star Scott Adkins and Director William Kaufman as well as writer and producer Chad Law as they are ready to unite once again for the new action/thriller titled Vigilante.

City on Fire brought the word yesterday about the project which will see Adkins play a disgraced soldier who becomes a lethal vigilante as he wages a non stop war against the very criminals who threaten the safety of the city. The only problem is that in the course of his actions, he puts innocent lives in danger as he executes his deadly war.

This will be the first pairing between Adkins and Kaufman since the two worked together on Jarhead 3: The Siege. favorite Chad Law, who penned the script for Adkins’ Close Range, is writing the script with High Moon Helmer Josh Ridgway taking on co-writing duties.

In my exclusive interview with a Chad Law when we talked about Black Water, he mentioned the film. “Ah, there are several things in various stages as there always are. But VIGILANTE with Scott and Will, I’m hoping that’s next or coming up here soon.”

I then asked Adkins about it in my interview with him for Accident Man and he stated: “Ah, well yeah (laughs) I don’t like to tempt fate but there is a film that will hopefully materialize that was written by Chad and will be directed by Will Kaufman and starring me and that would be a vigilante film which I am very excited about so yeah that would be kick ass and full on action. Really excited about that one.”

Finally I asked Mr. Kaufman as well and the action maestro was a little more cryptic. “Yeah we have a couple things in the works with Scott but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. As soon as I’m given the greenlight to share I will.”

Vigilante is still in the development stage so hopefully we will know more soon and hopefully we get some news before I’m old on the long awaited sequel Sinners And Saint: Vengeance which was announced a few years ago which will see Kaufman return to direct and will team original Star Johnny Strong with Adkins.

Kaufman did offer an update on our last interview and pretty much said it was a timing and schedule thing. “Well that’s because we’re still trying to figure out when we can make it happen schedule wise. With Johnny and Scott working as much as they are it’s just gonna take some time to lock down dates that will work for everyone. It’ll happen it’s just a matter of when.”

Adkins is definitely one of the busiest working men in action these days and is sought after for numerous projects so hopefully all these will come to fruition. It’s still early on this one and hopefully all the stars will align and it will happen as it will certainly be action gold with all those involved. Fingers crossed.

Adkins will be seen this year in the action film Legacy Of Lies and also Seized which reunited him with Undisputed Director Isaac Florentine. Adkins will also be seen in the highly anticipated sequel The Debt Collector 2 which re-teamed the action Star with Director Jesse V. Johnson and co-star Louis Mandylor.

So there you go action fanatics. The dynamic team of Adkins, Law and Kaufman ( hey that sounds like a law firm actually) is readying to hopefully give us another round of adrenaline soaked entertainment. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to drop!

In the meantime, read my full exclusive interviews with all of them below!

William Kaufman-

Scott Adkins-

Chad Law-

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