HYDRA: Take a First Look at Director Kensuke Sonomura’s New And Brutal Action-Thriller!

By: John M Jerva

Trying to keep up with all the releases coming out from Asia, we have a new trailer for first time director Kensuke Sonomura’s brutal and bloody new action film titled Hydra. The promo has been making the rounds on the internet and if you’re a fan of intense action from the East (as I am) then you might want to check out the footage below!

This may be Sonomura’s first time director but he is no stranger to action as he has been a celebrated member Yuji Shimomura’s stunt team of professionals who have been responsible for dishing out some ultra violent mayhem in films like Versus, Death Trance and Re:Born which all starred international empty handed combat star Tak Sakaguchi.

The film stars Masanori Mimoto, Miu, Tasuku Nagase, and Takaya Aoyagi and is due to hit China theaters next month. Take a look below!

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