Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Announces a Release Date for BLACK ADAM and Shows Off Some Sweet Concept Art!

By: John M Jerva

Things seem to finally be moving on the DC film Black Adam which will see former wrestling superstar turned Hollywood icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson star in as well as produce. The Rock has been teasing us for a few years now that the film was in development and as the anti-hero’s story is a passion project for Johnson, some thought that the film wouldn’t transpire. There were even rumors that The Rock was jumping ship to Marvel.

Well all that changed a few weeks ago when Johnson responded to a fan who made a sweet model of The Rock as Black Adam announcing that production would gear up next year and now he has sweetened the deal with the announcement of a release date set for a few years from now that also included some kick ass concept art from DC legend Jim Lee and Boss Logic showcasing what Johnson will look like as the famed DC character. Check out his post below along with the image that will surely be making the rounds on the internet!

As you can see, Black Adam will now be released on December 22nd of 2021 and even though that is a long wait, anticipation grows daily from rabid fans who want to see Johnson’s anti-hero square off against Zachary Levi’s SHAZAM! Everyone knows that Johnson was supposed to debut as Black Adam in this year’s Shazam! but New Line and DC thought that he was too big for that film and that he needed his own vehicle to tell his tale.

Hopefully, we start to get more casting news and other 411 on the project soon as I am excited to see Johnson finally make his way into the comic book film universe. Keep it locked andloaded right here for more to follow!

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