By: John M Jerva

In a now deleted post on Instagram, Tom Hardy revealed that principle photography has officially begun on Venom 2 which will see Hardy return as Eddie Brock, the unfortunate individual who gets taken over by an alien symbiotic presence known simply as Venom.

The post showed Hardy in what is probably the makeup chair and captioned the post with “W#’R’V3N0M2 day one.” Good news is someone on Reddit took a snapshot of the post and shared it online which I saw on Check it out below!

Genre favorite Andy Serkis, who was just confirmed to be playing Bruce Wayne’s trusted Butler Alfred Pennyworth in THE BATMAN, is helming this time and there is already a release date set for October of 2020. Michelle Williams is set to return as Brock’s on again off again girlfriend Anne Weying and Woody Harrelson who made a surprise cameo at the end of the first film will reprise the role of Cletus Kasady who is infamously known also as Carnage.

Venom and Carnage are set to go head to head in the new sequel!

It’ll be interesting to see how Serkis juggles helming Venom 2 along with now playing Alfred in the new Batman pic as production in that film is supposed to amp up soon. There’s no telling how much of the film he will be in but it just goes to show that he is hit in demand for films in front of and behind the camera.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more Venom 411 to follow!

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