The Action Fix: Happy Birthday to Jon Bernthal!

What’s up Action-Flix Fanatics! After a few months hiatus as I switched over to my new website, The Action Fix is back and what better way to launch TAF on the new platform then by wishing The Punisher himself, Jon Bernthal, a Happy Birthday!

Bernthal is one of the genre’s most popular leading men right now and even though he came to prominence on the hit AMC show The Walking Dead playing the character of Shane, Bernthal really came into the spotlight when he took on the role of Frank Castle In season 2 of Netflix’s Daredevil. The role had been populated by Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane And Ray Stevenson respectively in the past, Bernthal really made the gun toting vigilante character from Marvel Comics his own. I love all the screen adaptations but Bernthal for me will always be my favorite.

So today is September 20th and not only is it Rambo Day, but Jon is also celebrating his 43rd birthday so I decided to shake the rust off The Action Fix and share some of his greatest hits as The Punisher.

Unfortunately, Bernthal’s days of playing Frank may be in the past as Netflix has ceased all the Marvel shows as Disney is ready to launch their own streaming service this November. There has been talk of Disney resurrecting the shows for Hulu or FX but we are in a wait and see holding pattern as they can’t do anything with the characters until 2 years has gone by since the date of their cancellation. It would be a shame if Jon doesn’t get the opportunity to play Castle again. Damn shame.

Enough of that. Let’s get down to seeing Jon do what he does best as The Punisher and even if he doesn’t don the iconic Skull again, at least we have 3 great seasons to watch him dish out some old school, kick ass action and punishment! ”Hey! I’ll dance with ya!!!”

Happy Birthday Jon! The Action Fix is Back!

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