THE RHYTHM SECTION: Blake Lively is Out for Vengeance and She’s Gonna Get It In the Official Trailer!

What happens when you lose your entire family in a plane crash? Well, you grieve of course but what do you do when you find out it wasn’t an accident? Well you transform yourself into one bad ass assassin that’s what.

That’s the premise for the new action-thriller titled The Rhythm Section starring Blake Lively and it’s her turn to step into the shoes of a femme fatale and we have the new trailer and poster for you below!

Official Synopsis: The Rhythm Section is a contemporary adaptation of the first of British thriller writer Mark Burnell’s “Stephanie Patrick” series of four novels. Heroine, Stephanie Patrick (Blake Lively) is on a path of self-destruction after the death of her family in an airplane crash, a flight that she was meant to be on. After discovering that the crash was not an accident, her anger awakens a new sense of purpose and she rises to uncover the truth by adapting the identity of an assassin to track down those responsible. The new, and lethal, Stephanie Patrick is on a mission to fill the void between what she knows and what she is told. Other novels in Burnell’s popular series include “Gemini,” “The Third Woman” and “Chameleon.”

The thriller is based on a book which was penned by Mark Burnell who also wrote the screenplay. Starring along with Lively are Sterling K. Brown and Jude Law with Emmy winner Reed Morano helming the pic.

The film gained some unpopular notoriety when Lively hurt herself on set thus delaying production and the film has been pushed back a couple times now. This one looks more on the dramatic side but it still looks intriguing to say the least.

The new release date is now set for next year on january 31st.

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