It’s Time to Pump Up with Netflix’s Official Documentary on Hollywood Action Icon Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is quite frankly an American success story. The import from Austria was a bodybuilding champion turned action star turned Hollywood icon turned politician. Wow say that 10 times fast. Arnie is set to hit Netflix soon with his first ever scripted series called FUBAR but the streaming service is really going all out and is also presenting a 3 part documentary chronicling the icon’s rise to stardom and power. Take a peek at the corner Governator below in the trailer and key art for the documentary called…what else…Arnold!

Official Synopsis:

This three-part documentary series chronicles Arnold Schwarzenegger’s journey from the countryside of Austria to the highest echelons of the American dream. In a series of candid interviews, Schwarzenegger, his friends, foes, co-stars, and observers cover everything from his days pumping iron to his triumphs in Hollywood, his time governing the state of California, and both the joys and turbulence of his family life in a tale that matches his larger-than-life persona.

The documentary, divided into three parts, explores Schwarzenegger’s unrelenting pursuit of the American dream. Schwarzenegger knows he’s a household name but wants to be more. He wants to be remembered for his victories and failures, with history books looking fondly at his achievements throughout his unique lifetime.


Young, restless Arnold Schwarzenegger dreams of leaving his native Austria and his complicated family life. Before a stint in the service, he sees Reg Park on the big screen as Hercules and decides his ticket out is through competitive body-building. He expands his body, his mind, his community, and his vocabulary as he begins traveling to international competitions and obliterating his competitors, winning 13 global titles and moving to the U.S.


Having dominated the world of competitive body-building, Schwarzenegger turns his attention to conquering Hollywood. Schwarzenegger, co-stars including Jamie Lee Curtis and Linda Hamilton, director James Cameron and competitor Sylvester Stallone chart his unlikely and startlingly effective rise from stiff strongman to a charismatic action hero and global superstar. Schwarzenegger shatters box office records for more than a decade with hard-hitting action films likePredator and the blockbuster Terminatorfranchise and beloved comedies including Twins and Kindergarten Cop. As he has done with previous competitors, he vanquishes a health scare but begins to become restless for a new challenge.


Schwarzenegger sets his sights on politics. Although the political arena proves more challenging than his previous conquests, Schwarzenegger wins both a recall and a general election in California, governing one of the largest economies in the world for seven years. While it proves disruptive to his family life and he has his detractors, Gov. Schwarzenegger is also praised for a multitude of accomplishments. After the twists and turns of his stranger-than-fiction tale, Schwarzenegger reflects deeply on his life and makes himself useful with philanthropic ventures and awareness-raising on issues ranging from anti-Semitism to climate change.

I love how the documentary splits it up into three segments with each detailing Arnold’s biggest phases of his life and career. Of course, I’ll be most excited for the actor segment as we will delve deep into Schwarzenegger’s days as an elite action star and Hollywood icon. All of them will be informative but hey, I’m an action movie fan so that’s how I roll.

Arnold comes to Netflix on June 7, 2023.


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