ONE MORE SHOT: What We Know About the Scott Adkins Led ONER Sequel so Far!

As the hoopla over John Wick Chapter 4 starts to diminish and we wait for its glorious release on 4K, it’s time to look towards the future. Scott Adkins turned in a show stopping performance in the fourth entry and it would appear that he is starting to garnish the much deserved recognition as he has sacrificed his body over the years for the…well…The Art of Action if I may use the title of his awesome interview show on YouTube.

It would appear that Adkins will next be seen in the highly anticipated and surprising sequel to his hyper-kinetic oner film One Shot. The movie was a complete banger and it heralded some of Adkins best action and dramatic acting to date. Even though the film technically wasn’t shot in one take (after all, you can’t film a complete movie on one day), the action sequences were literally one shot and it was a marvel for the budget and shooting schedule they had. The movie was also my top pick for 2021 beating out some tough competition that year.

Titled One More Shot, we do know that the movie is being helmed once again by James Nunn who directed the first as well as Eliminators with Scott. Nunn is really showing his mettle with helming action pics and these two oner movies might just be his Mona Lisa’s. Nunn has directed numerous action films including several entries in The Marine franchise so he’s really showing fans what he can do with little.

One of the biggest pieces of news we found out a few months back is that Adkins’ Undisputed 2 co-star and resident action star himself Michael Jai White will also be appearing in the follow up. This certainly bodes well for fans as they get a one-two punch combo of action stars for this one. The question that remains is whether or not White will be good or if there will be a rematch from their first iconic beatdown. One thing is for sure, it’ll be killer to see both action phenoms do their thing.

We also know that veteran Hollywood icon Tom Berenger is also attached to the sequel. Berenger will probably be in an authoritative role but there’s no denying that he’ll lend his heavy dose of gravitas to the new entry. Anytime, Berenger is involved, he raises the film a few more octaves.

Adkins did supply some juicy details for One More Shot will speaking with Collider as he continues to do press for John Wick Chapter 4. He mentioned that this film takes place right after the events of the first movie and where the original was a siege movie, this one will be a chase flick.

Adkins also talked about his dismay as he and Nunn thought of their film first in terms of a oner but the powers that be weren’t interested until 1917 was a success. Again, another example of the suits not knowing what will work for fans.

Look, we wanted to do it before 1917 came out. We had this idea ages ago, and they only gave us the money when 1917was a success. [Laughs] “Oh, you know that idea you had? We think we’ll finance it now.” But it was received very well. The story lent itself to this intense experience. And me and the director, James Nunn, always felt like there was something really cool about a oner that just draws you in because there’s no edit in it. It kind of pulls you in, and, if you’ve got a tense story going on, it really works. And we were very happy with how the film was received and how it turned out.

The first one was a siege movie, so the second one is a chase movie. It starts off maybe 12 or 15 hours after the last one finishes, and it’s a direct continuation. Very difficult films to make. All the action sequences are pretty much done in one continuous take. Certainly in the first one, every action sequence was one long take, and you’ve got to be in good shape to do that. It’s not easy. And you don’t see the 10 takes that we didn’t use. You get to see the one. So it’s very physically demanding.

One thing’s for certain and that Adkins and Nunn will definitely look to top the first film on terms of scope and action. Pretty much go big or go home. Adkins will deliver his signature take no prisoners skills in the film’s adrenaline sequences and there will be firepower and fisticuffs aplenty for genre fans to enjoy.

There is no set release date as the movie is still in post-production but Lock ‘N’ Load right here for more details to come. Hopefully, I’ll get to speak to Adkins for the sequel like I did for the first. Check out The Action Fix Podcast interview with Scott below!

Adkins also had Lights Out coming which teams him up with fellow action guru Frank Grillo. That movie tells the story of an ex-soldier (Grillo) who gets caught up in illegal underground cage fights and must team up with a fellow comrade (Adkins) to take down the bad guys. Let the crescendo of violence commence!

Grillo in Lights Out

There is also Violence of Action for Adkins waiting in the wings from director William Kaufman but that one is a ways off as it’s still in development.

“Violence of Action tells the story of a former SEAL, tormented by a decision he made in Afghanistan, (who) becomes a vigilante in the Big Easy who is brutally taking down a drug gang that is terrorizing his neighborhood.”

Violence of Action Promotional Teaser Art

Cam Gigandet is also set to star.

Stay tuned for more Essential Adkins as we are your destination for everything action!!!


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