Scott Adkins & Cam Gigandet are Ready for VIOLENCE OF ACTION with New Teaser Key Art for the William Kaufman Helmed Actioner!

We’ve got more Scott Adkins news for you today and this upcoming adrenaline fueled movie teams him up with Cam Gigandet and action helmer William Kaufman. The upcoming movie is called Violence of Action and we’ve got rad new teaser key art for you below highlight the two stars!

This is teaser sales art being presented at the EFM so remember that this will not be the finished product.

The movie was penned by Josh Ridgway and Chad Law with the latter also writing the Scott Adkins led actioners Lights Out as well as Section Eight.

“Violence of Action tells the story of a former SEAL, tormented by a decision he made in Afghanistan, (who) becomes a vigilante in the Big Easy who is brutally taking down a drug gang that is terrorizing his neighborhood.”

Violence of Action is looking to go in front of the cameras as early as this fall and will shoot in New Orleans where Kaufman just recently filmed his upcoming crime-thriller The Channel. Adkins along with Gigandet who has really been delving into action films as of late will surely deliver a high-octane tale filled with action set pieces that will satisfy genre fans.

With Kaufman at the helm and Adkins and Gigandet in from of the camera, expect sweat inducing action set pieces. Brutal hand to hand close quarters fights and plenty of ammo spent. This is definitely one of my must see films this year.

Adkins is one of the busiest actors in action as usual as he will also be seen in the highly anticipated John Wick: Chapter 4 next month. The action star will also be seen in Lights Outcoming out in the future as well and today we got confirmation that he is shooting a sequel to One Shot titled One More Shot with Michael Jai White co-starring. Gigandet has recently been seen in Blowback starring alongside MMA hall of famer Randy Couture and Black Warrant with Tom Berenger.

Keep it locked and loaded right here as we are your destination for everything action!!!!


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