Martial Arts Phenom Ernie Reyes Jr. Joins Scott Adkins as THE ART OF ACTION Returns!

It’s been a minute since action stars Scott Adkins did an episode of his popular YouTube show The Art of Action. Since things have returned to somewhat normal, Adkins has been busy adding to his filmography filming a variety of movies like John Wick 4, Day Shift, Section Eight and more.

Adkins has officially lifted The Art of Action out of hiatus and with the return, he chats with martial arts phenom Ernie Reyes Jr. Reyes has starred in numerous projects throughout the decades like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 and 2, The Rundown, Red Sonja and more. Check out the full interview below!

In episode 37, Scott is joined by Ernie Reyes Jr who is most definitely one of the most dynamic martial arts performers throughout Hollywood history. 0:00 Intro 0:51 Ernie Reyes Sr 2:14 MA Demonstrations 4:50 Attributes 7:08 Evolution in Martial Arts 10:30 Kidney Transplant 13:37 The Last Dragon 17:26 Red Sonja 20:42 Sidekicks 21:48 TMNT 25:46 TMNT 2 28:06 Secret Bodyguard 29:19 Surf Ninjas 32:12 The Rundown

Reyes chats with Adkins about his famous martial arts farther Ernie Reyes Sr., his films, and also his health scare due to failing kidneys. Reyes and his family certainly have been influential when it comes to promoting the arts and he also was one of the original child stars to burst into the industry at a young age with his signature skills and techniques. It’s another in-depth interview with one action star talking to another!

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