BULLET PROOF: Vinnie Jones Wants What’s His in the New Action-Thriller from Lionsgate!

Vinnie Jones is probably one of the most recognizable actors in action cinema and he probably is best known for his filmography of playing very bad men in most of the movies he has done. Jones has that sinister gravitas when it comes to doing these roles and sure he’s probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet in real life but on film, he’s downright vile.

Jones is starring in a new action-thriller titled Bullet Proof where he plays appropriately enough, a sadistic mob boss who will do anything to get his pregnant wife back when a thief steals a fortune from him. Check out the new trailer, key art and select images for the Lionsgate movie that hits in September!


Vinnie Jones (Snatch) plays Temple, a sadistic mob boss, in this gritty, white-knuckle action ride. After stealing millions in cash from Temple’s drug-dealing hideout, the Thief finds a stowaway in his getaway car – Temple’s pregnant wife, Mia! Desperate to reclaim his cash – and his unborn son – Temple sends out a squad of hit men and bounty hunters to bring in Mia and the Thief. Speed, cleverness, and good aim give the duo a brief advantage, but how long will their luck hold out?

Vinnie Jones (Snatch) plays Temple, a sadistic mob boss, in the gritty, white-knuckle action ride BULLET PROOF, available in select theaters, on demand and digital August 19 from Lionsgate. Directed by James C. Clayton, the film will also be available on Blu-ray and DVD September 27.

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