GODZILLA VS KONG Sequel Set for Principal Photography in Australia Later this Year

By: John M Jerva

Godzilla vs Kong was a solid hit for Warner Bros. even with it being released in the height of the pandemic. The highly anticipated smack down between two of cinema’s most famous monsters was even more impressive seeing that it hit HBOMAX day and date with theaters.

A sequel is coming and it doesn’t have a plot or a title for that matter but we have word on when it will shoot and where.

Deadline is reporting via the government agency Screen Queensland and State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk that the sequel is set to roll in front of cameras later this year in Australia. Furthermore, Palaszuk also states that the production will mean big dollar signs for the country.

“The production is expected to inject more than double the $36.5 million that Godzilla Vs Kong brought to the state and is a welcome boost to our economy as we recover from the impacts of the global pandemic and southeast Queensland flooding events. These types of productions benefit our screen industry, deliver local jobs and provide a welcome boost to our small businesses and communities in and around our production sites,” stated Palaszuk.

The first film was also shot there and it’s follow up is expected to bring even more money into the country’s pipeline.

Godzilla vs Kong director Adam Winegard also expressed immense interest in continuing with the franchise and offered a tease of what he would do for another film.

“I would absolutely love to continue. The clear starting point we teed up, exploring Hollow Earth, I think there is a lot more to do there. This is a pre-history of Planet Earth, where all the titans come from. We tee up some mystery in this film, things I want to see resolved and explored and pushed to the next level. If I have the opportunity, I know what I will do. It’s up to Warner Bros and Legendary, if they have an appetite,” Wingard previously told Deadline.

The first film hit all the right notes with fans of these icons and a sequel is certainly welcomed news as we all would like to see Godzilla and Kong throw down again.

We will certainly keep you updated on the sequel and what it entails as more info comes to light. Keep it locked and loaded right here as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

Source: Deadline

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