The Action Fix: Celebrate Batman Day with Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight Going Savage in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE!

By: John M Jerva

Today is officially Batman Day and with it, we celebrate all things that make the Dark Knight so great. It’s true that there have been many versions of the Caped Crusader throughout the years and I’m sure you all have your favorites but for me it will always be Batfleck. I remember the day Ben Affleck was announced as Zack Snyder’s Batman for the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and fanboy nation lost their collective shit in a bad way as many out there thought that this was the worst casting choice ever. Then the movie hit and while it was much maligned by critics and fans alike, there was no denying that Affleck crushed it as Gotham’s Winged Vigilante and many people ate crow.

I’m not going to lie when I say that I loved the film even though it had its issues which the main one was Snyder trying to cram as much as possible into one film. It was a sequel to Man of Steel, a new Batman film and an introduction to the Justice League all wrapped up into one movie. Yes there was a lot going on but to see all these characters come together in Snyder’s vision was nothing short of epic and I for one am a fan with what he was doing. Snyder’s Ultimate Version of the film fixed a lot of the problems and fleshed things out even more and when you add this version to Man of Steel and the newly released Zack Snyder’s Justice League, well lets just say that fans have one hell, of a trilogy. Here’s hoping that we get more of that in the future. #RestoreTheSnyderverse #Makethe BatfleckMovie

We are not here to talk about that today however as today we celebrate Batman and all the joy he has brought us throughout the decades. What better way to honor the character then by sharing his greatest fight scene ever assembled onto film. I’m talking about Batman’s savage fight sequence from Batman V Superman where Affleck goes all savage on a group of mercenaries who are holding Martha Kent captive.

Doctor Analyses Batman's Epic BVS Warehouse Fight Scene - He is a Combat  "Monster" - FandomWire
Doctor Analyses Batman's Epic BVS Warehouse Fight Scene - He is a Combat  "Monster" - FandomWire
Director Zack Snyder Tries to Defend Batman Killing People in BvS · Popcorn  Sushi

The action set piece is the Dark Knight at his brutal and unforgiving best and the fight choreography is epic with Snyder visually showcasing all the violence in a rousing display of bone crunching punctuated camera angles and finishing moves that would make a fighter in Mortal Kombat jealous. Affleck and his stunt double of course when used are in top form and even if you hate this movie, you still have to be a fan of this particular scene of mayhem and carnage that shows Batman in a whole new dark tinged light.

So with that I say Happy Batman Day and now I’ll let the video below do all the talking as I’ll now shut up. It’s balletically brilliant and brutal and it’s Batman at his best and worst. Enjoy!

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