THE SIEGE OF ROBIN HOOD: Paul Allica Announces that the New Take on an Old Legend has Wrapped Post Production!

By: John M Jerva

It’s been a long and winding road for the indie action film The Siege of Robin Hood which hails from actor, martial artist and filmmaker Paul Allica (The Trigonal: Fight for Justice) which has been in the making for over five years now. The Australian powerhouse has been busy at work forging the newest take on a tried and true legend and the end is now in sight!

Allica announced on social media that post production has wrapped on the movie which means that it’s ready to go and hopefully film companies gobble this one up because I’ve been following this one for a long time and am eagerly awaiting to see it. Check out Allica’s post below!

For those of you who don’t know, The Siege of Robin Hood is a new take which incorporates Hong Kong style fight action into the mix. The story of Robin Hood has been told many times on screen and this one promises to be the most high octane interpretation yet.

I had the distinct honor in interviewing Allica back in 2018 for the project and we talked extensively about it and of course talked about what kind of Robin Hood we can expect from Allica’s performance:

A lot of the Robin Hood’s of the past have been camp and silly and our take is 180 degrees sideways to that.

This Robin certainly is charming and silly, a bit of a practical joker at the start of the film but as soon as personal tragedy hits, he becomes like a dark wraith. I drew a lot of inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. The dark figure lurking in the shadows. Robin’s redemption is brought forth from his team – they bring him back from the brink of revenge and I can say there is a happy ending.

This film is a heck of a lot of fun. We have really strong action and a lot of laughs. This will be a great family film that appeals to older fans of Robin Hood, and younger fans that just want something fun and lighthearted.

Allica also talked about the action and the Hong Kong flair that’ll have which will give the set pieces and added kick:

The action in The Siege Of Robin Hood is world class. No smoke or bullshit. Seriously amazing. The team pulled off an engaging laugh out loud marketplace chase scene and an epic finale that wouldn’t look out of place in a Jackie Chan film… probably because Paul spent so many years working with him!

Having said that, this isn’t a retread. We’ve really found our own style and having unique fighting styles for each character helps break it up so its not just rehashing the same gags.

We also have a full medieval joust with hundreds of cheering background actors screaming and booing at each pass.

I promise you the action in this film is second to none and you won’t be disappointed.

For my full exclusive interview with Allica click here.

Allica is, of course joined by some top tier talent for the supporting cast and they include John Fallon as The Sergeant, Kahli Williams as Freyda, Peter Roordink as Little John, Dave Beamish as Lancelot, David Macrae as The Sheriff of Nottingham, and Tom McCathie as Merlin,

This has been one huge passion project for Allica who not only stars as Robin but he also penned the screenplay along with Don Macnab-Stark and he helmed it as well.

With the film now complete, expect more exciting news to come in the future so keep it locked and loaded right here as we are your destination for everything action.

For all the latest updates, check out the film’s official Facebook and Instagram page!

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