By: John M Jerva

The day has officially come action fans as Sylvester Stallone has announced via social media that the next entry in the Expendables universe will start filming in October and that the working title is Christmas Story which tells us that the rumors of Jason Statham taking over might be true. He also called it a spin-off which is even more intriguing so it appears they’re looking to switch things up so as we get more 411 so will you! Check out Sly’s post below with one radical looking tat!

With Stallone well into his 70’s now, I think this is the right way to go and Statham is definitely the one to take the reigns as he has always been Barney’s second in command. Statham is coming off the success of Hobbs And Shaw with The Rock so time to strike now and give the fans what they want. Sly seems to want to focus on more Rocky and other projects so it bodes well to let Statham take command of the elite crew. I, for one, am all in for this as I am a huge Statham fan and he excels in any action set piece he is a part of so the franchise would benefit from this shot of adrenaline.

Casting news will most likely heat up as we see who returns and who is added but Dolph Lundgren teased his return as Gunner Jensen on social media weeks back. Let the rumors fly who’ll be in this one.

One thing is for sure, this one will have to forget about number three and be rated R giving the fans what they want with over the top and bloody action set pieces.

We recently talked about what we’d like in a fourth film during an Action Elite War Room session which you can view below. Spoiler alert, the general consensus was NEEDS TO BE R RATED! We also talk about certain action stars that definitely need to grace an installment of this macho franchise.

You can bet I’ll keep my eyes on this so you better keep it locked and loaded right here for the return of The Expendables!

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