The Adkins Fix: Scott Adkins Takes on Everyone In the Blistering Fight from NINJA!

By: John M Jerva

This Thursday is action star Scott Adkins’ birthday and the month of June is all about the human highlight reel as we celebrate one of the most exciting actors in modern action cinema.

With Scott’s special day approaching, we have another edition of The Adkins Fix where we highlight a bone crunching fight sequence courtesy of the man himself.

Love it or hate it, Ninja is still another solid entry in Adkins’ filmography and even though it doesn’t reach the Undisputed heights like some of his other collaborations with filmmaker Isaac Florentine, it still features solid fisticuffs and weapons handling from the man who has rejuvenated the action genre. Plus what could be better than a Scott Adkins flick? Well it’s Scott Adkins being a Ninja that’s what.

Arguably the best action set piece, besides the finale, is the one against many fight scene which is a homage to Bruce Lee. This scene definitely highlights Adkins’ blistering and gravity defying moves as he dishes out all of his signature moves including the famed Guyver Kick. When you want to introduce Adkins to others, this is certainly a scene you should start with.

The sequel is by far the better of the two films but this one still delivers for Adkins fanatics so enjoy.

Happy Birthday Scott and here’s to many more years of kicking ass on screen!

You all know that I like to give you more bang for your buck and it is Adkins’ birthday this week, so enjoy the rousing finale from Ninja as well below! You’re welcome!

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