THE LAIR: Director Neil Marshall Returns to His DOG SOLDIERS Roots for His Upcoming Action/Horror Project

By: John M Jerva

Filmmaker Neil Marshall has made some pretty rad action/horror hybrids over the years including Doomsday which turned Rhona Mitra into one bad ass heroine. Marshall has also directed The Descent as well as his lesser known debut gem Dog Soldiers which pitted soldiers on a training exercise who go up against some pretty ruthless werewolves in the wilderness.

Now Marshall is returning back to those roots for his upcoming project titled The Lair which sounds just as stellar as the above films that were mentioned. Highland Film group dropped the 411 on the movie which tells the story of “a downed Royal Air Force pilot who escapes a terrifying bunker in Afghanistan containing mutant man-made biological weapons, and unwittingly brings the creatures back to a US Army base.”

Neil Marshall

Sounds sweet doesn’t it and with the right amount of special effects, it can become another genre classic. Speaking with Screen Daily, Marshall chatted about the film and his excitement for it.

If THE RECKONING was a gothic drama in testament to the power and resilience of women, then THE LAIR is my true return to full-blooded horror and intense genre action in the style of DOG SOLDIERS, THE DESCENT, and DOOMSAY. I’m making something scary as hell, pulse-pounding and great fun. This is a crowd pleaser. An adrenaline pumping roller-coaster ride. Spectacular and loud; inspired by classic genre movies like ALIENS, PREDATOR, and THE THING and their incredible use of practical creature FX.”

A scene from Dog Soldiers

Marshall says all the right things in the above statement and my excitement level is through the roof at the thought of the film.

Highland Film Group is bringing The Lair to the American Film Market for potential buyers to snag it up. Something tells me that the sales pitch will net a distributor post haste. The Lair is expected to roll in front of the cameras next year in the spring.

If you haven’t seen Dog Soldiers yet or Doomsday then rectify that immediately. In the meanwhile, watch the trailer for Dog Soldiers below to see what you’re in store for.

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